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March 2016 - Newsletter

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New Integration Profiles
We are very pleased to announced four new integration partner profiles. All of these partners use PageGate to enhance their existing solutions.

Zetron - Terminal Manufacturer

GroundProbe - Slope Monitoring Solution

The Fire Horn - Public Safety Solution

Spillman Autopage - Computer Aided Dispatch

Did You Know PageGate Can be Used to Post Updates to Websites?
Did you know that PageGate can post updates to a website via CGI commands? The current version of PageGate can use the GET and POST methods of passing CGI variables to a web server, allowing you to pass updates to a website as part of your outbound messaging.

Did You Know PageGate Can Update Twitter?
You can use an app like Tweetymail, TweetByMail or Tweetc to link an email address that PageGate can deliver traffic to. Every time an email gets delivered, it will post to your Twitter account. To configure PageGate to send an email, SMTP configurations vary from network to network. Some networks allow direct SMTP over port 25, others require that you relay your messages through a mail server.

Did You Know PageGate Can be Used Without Carrier Specific Information?
NotePage, Inc. is pleased to announce our PageGate software can now utilize a new carrier lookup service called Data24-7. Data24-7 is a carrier lookup service, which means you don't have to know the carrier of the cell phone numbers you would like PageGate to send messages to. With this service, PageGate can perform on the fly lookups of your cell phone numbers, matching them against the carrier list provided by Data24-7.

How Texting Can Keep You Safe in Severe Weather
Most of us can recall a time when we wished we'd planned a little better during a big storm. After all, bad weather is an unavoidable fact of life, and all we can do when severe weather is expected is plan accordingly to stay warm, dry, and safe. Believe it or not, text messaging can help you do that: SMS weather alerts are perhaps the most powerful and effective tool to stay in the know, and therefore to plan right, for severe weather.

Why Campus Security Needs Texting
With instances of gun violence and other emergency situations on college campuses making the news all too often, security systems at colleges and universities remain of the utmost importance. Campus security not only needs to be strong, but current to ensure the safety of students. Following the model of many of our world's functions today, many colleges and universities are looking to text messaging to keep campus safety as modern and powerful as possible.

10 Ways to Cure Your Mobile Phone Bill
Cell phones are ubiquitous, and tend to be important if not necessary to own. Yet sometimes the cost of owning and using a mobile phone can get out of hand. And the prevalence of daunting cell phone bills only grows as more and more apps and functions that use data come into popular use.

Tracking Animals with SMS
Oftentimes, we think of the conservation of the old as incongruous with the use of newer technology like mobile devices. This is far from the case; in fact, GPS technology is being combined with text messaging to track both wildlife and livestock, a useful tool to keep an eye on both the farm animals we depend on and the increasing number of endangered or threatened species.

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