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Monitor your Stocks -- January, 16, 2001

Rose City Software in cooperation with Hagel Technologies have partnered up with NotePage, Inc. for their latest release of TradeTrakker. TradeTrakker is an easy to use yet, powerful financial portfolio management software. TradeTrakker monitors and analyzes stock and mutual fund positions, providing powerful insight into how well investments are performing.

With TradeTrakker, most major world stock exchanges can be tracked and updated automatically. Monitor equities and funds in multiple portfolios with up to 50 different parameters. TradeTrakker features a configurable optional ticker display, customizable links to stock news, charts and personal online trading accounts, stock symbol lookup and realtime quotes for individual stocks.

By using TradeTrakker in conjunction with NotePager Pro, individuals are able to receive instant notification on pagers and mobile phones about stock positions and portfolio status. If stocks or monitored funds rise or dip below predefined levels, alerts may be quickly sent to to alphanumeric pagers, and/or cell phones.

TradeTrakker and NotePager Pro require Windows 95,98,NT,2000 or Windows Millenium Edition running on a Pentium-class processor. TradeTrakker is competitively priced at $19.95 per electronic copy. NotePager Pro is, selling for $29.95 per electronic copy ($34.95 per CD); For more information, visit the TradeTrakker website at or NotePage web site at You can download a fully-functional, 30-day trial version of both TradeTrakker and NotePager Pro for evaluation purposes. For more information, contact Rose City Software at or NotePage, Inc. at


Evaluation Copies Available on Request

About Rose City Software: Rose City Software is the software division of InfiniSource, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon. Rose City offers more than a dozen award-winning software applications including popular titles like Tweakdun, DU Meter, Sleuthhound and ClipCache. TradeTrakker, developed in collaboration with Hagel Technologies, was initially released in March 1999, and was an instant success. Version 2.0 is a major upgrade, free to currently registered users, offering access to more than 100 major stock exchanges around the world, a fully configurable ticker display, and access to realtime quotes.

About NotePage: NotePage, Inc. is a Hanover, Massachusetts company specializing in wireless messaging software. In addition to NotePager Pro, they market (1) PageGate, an award winning networking paging application that offers a range of front-end interfaces, and sends text messages to single or multiple alphanumeric pagers, digital, cellular and PCS phones, paging devices, and billboards, (2) NotePager Net, a full feature network paging application that allows for group paging, preprogammed messages, scheduled paging and a wide array of other features. All messages can be sent to alphanumeric pagers, digital, cellular and PCS phones, paging devices, and billboards, (3) NotePager, the Windows 3.x version of NotePager Pro, and (4) WebGate, an Internet paging program that creates a paging gateway from the Internet to paging devices, allowing email notification, and full text messages to be sent from e-mail and personal web pages.


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