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TradeTrakker (a stock market monitoring application) can integrate with NotePager Pro, enabling it to send a message to your pager or digital phone whenever a programmable Trade Trakker alert is triggered. This will enable you to be notified anywhere if any of the stocks you are tracking reach, or drop below a pre-defined level.

To enable integration between Trade Trakker and NotePager Pro, a couple of simple settings must first be made in both Trade Trakker and NotePager Pro. In Trade Trakker, choose the 'Preferences' option from the 'Edit' menu. Next, select the 'Alerts' tab and check the option labeled 'Send pager message'. If you are using a single modem with a dial-up internet connection, you should also check the 'Close dial-up connection before sending pager message' option.

In NotePager Pro, choose 'Integration' from the 'Tools' menu. Choose the 'Trade Trakker integration' option, and then from the drop-down list, select the user you want the Trade Trakker alerts sent to. Now whenever an alert is triggered in Trade Trakker, NotePager will send the message to your pager or digital phone.

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Steps to Integrate with TradeTrakker

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