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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Spillman AutoPage Features & Benefits

Spillman AutoPage Features & Benefits: The system utilizes industry standard OBDC drivers to poll the Spillman CAD database watching for events that require notification. AutoPage is managed through an included gui manager application that can be run on other PC's in the network - allowing for managers to administer the alerts without having direct access to the server. The AutoPage system was designed specifically to integrate with PageGate seamlessly by using the getASCII option in PageGate.

Features and Benefits of Spillman AutoPage

AutoPage watches for pre-defined events created in Spillman and looks for "triggers" that have a defined rule. For example, a user can create a rule where every time a specific agency is assigned to a call, a text message is generated and sent to all members of that agency.
The most popular trigger events are Call Types, Agencies, Units, and City
It is also possible to create rules based on multiples triggers. For example, if the call type is "STRUCTURE FIRE" and the unit is "ENGINE3", then send a text to the group "Engine 3 members". Another example is if the call type is "SHOTS FIRED" and the CITY is "Gotham", send a message to the group "PD Command Staff".
Spillman AutoPage has a small applet that can run on every dispatch machine to pop an unobtrusive notification that call XXXX was paged to recipient name XXX

PageGate Features & Benefits: PageGate sends an email message into Active911 from the CAD system for mapping and broadcasting. .

Log of message transmissions.
Integrates seamlessly with almost all CAD systems.
Use can be expanded for alternative usage.
Group messaging, pre-programmed messages, on-call text messaging and scheduled messaging
Scanning of a predetermined file for text messages very useful for sending messages from within other programs.

Combined Benefit of PageGate & Spillman AutoPage: Receive instant notification on cell phones and mobile phones from the Spillman CAD system.

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