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Tech Support for Integrating Simple Server Monitor

Home -> Documentation -> Configuration -> Launch External Application

Launch External Application

If enabled, the application is launched when a monitor fails.

Program: The program to launch when a monitor fails. For example to integrate with Notepage's NotePager Pro SMS text message software, select Browse to find NPP.exe (usually C:\Program Files\NotePager Pro\NPP.exe)

Program Options: The options to pass to the application when it launches. Users can use the the four variables defined below as program options. Using NotePager Pro as an example again, you could enter "username from %HOSTNAME% %MONITORDETAILS% FAILED-Please check" to get an SMS text page to your pager or phone (where username is your user account with NotePager Pro, from is the "From" for the text message and everything after that is sent as the body of the message with the variable names replaced as appropriate).

Run in a command shell: If the box is checked, the program will be launched from a command shell (i.e. DOS prompt). This option should only be used if you are launching a command line program.

Run a program when a monitor fails: Check this box to launch the given application when a monitor fails. Variables that can be used as program options.

%HOSTNAME% = The server's hostname
%LOCATION% = The server's location.
%MONITORTYPE% = The monitor's type (ping, http, etc.)
%MONITORDETAILS% = The monitor's details.

Steps to Integrate
How to Use Simple Server Monitor with PageGate
How to Use Simple Server Monitor with PageGate

Simple Server Monitor Technical Support:
Simple Server Monitor Support

NotePage Technical Support:
Support FAQ
Forum Support

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