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Features & Benefits

Servers Alive's Features & Benefits: High monitoring performance without a high price. From a simple ping to more complex SNMP checks, web URLs to Windows performance monitoring. And if you can't find the check you need within our extensive list of available options you can always write your own using our very simple COM interface.

Servers Alive has the following features:


TCP Services - Any service that will respond to a TCP connection, such as web, ftp, and mail servers. You can even define your own TCP based checks with our protocol builder.
UDP Services - Some popular UDP based services, such as radius servers, CITRIX servers, and many game servers. You can even define your own UDP based checks with our protocol builder.
DNS - Do you get the correct IP address back from your DNS server?
Windows Servers - Monitor the status of services, processes, disk space, and performance monitor metrics.
Web Services - Verify the status and content of your web servers (HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, and RTSP). And this by retrieving a page (HTTP(S) GET) or by posting data (HTTP(S) POST).
Using a proxy? Not a problem we can handle that. Your webpage is protected with a password (HTTP basic or NTLM authentication)? Again not a problem, we also support that.
Databases - Monitor Microsoft SQL server databases and Oracle databases.
SNMP - We have support for snmpv1, snmpv2 and snmpv3 (authentication only) checks. A lookup of the snmp check result within our MIB database can be done to get a more clear check result. Example: if you check the status of a UPS don't you prefer to know that it is "online" or "onBattery" instead of knowing that it's 2 or 3?
Result Scripting - Using VBScripting you can convert the received result to something more readable.
Write your own check - You also have the ability to write custom software to do your own checks through Servers Alive. We already have several examples including:

PageGate Features & Benefits: PageGate is a network paging gateway that sends text messages or numeric messages to alphanumeric pagers, cellular phones, PIMs or pager cards. PageGate uses interfaces to send text messages.

Web messaging (intranet and Internet)
Email notification and email text messaging
Can run as a system service
Log of message transmissions
Transmission to single or mutiple mobile phones
Supports multiple modems and/or direct connection to the telecom terminal
Group paging, pre-programmed text messages, on-call paging and scheduled text messaging
Scanning of a predetermined file for text messages

Combined Benefit of PageGate & Servers Alive: Servers Alive easily informs users by using PageGate to send alerts to cell phones and pagers in the event of syslog errors.

Features & Benefits
Technical Support - support FAQ and requirements
Download - free evaluation download(s)
Purchase - purchase options
Servers Alive - manufacturer home page

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