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SMS Messaging Software Background

Features & Benefits

The Bat Features & Benefits: E-Mail System for 95/98/W2K/XP to make your e-communication safe and easy.

Microsoft Exchange Connectivity - The Bat! connects to Microsoft Exchange Servers using native MAPI protocol to fetch or send the messages. You just have to install Microsoft Office Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Client to supply the Exchange connectivity components which The Bat! will be using
Anti-spam Protection - The Bat! has Bayesian filtering in the default installation. You have to educate the plugin what is spam and what is not, and then it will do the job.
Smart Sorting Office - The Sorting Office is a powerful filtering system, not only sorts your incoming, outgoing, read, and replied messages to folders, but also can auto-respond; reply with a custom template; forward, redirect, print, or export messages; send reading confirmations; run an external program and more.
Handy Message Templates - In addition to the signatures, The Bat! allows to create the message templates that are using special macros.
Efficient Antivirus Protection -The Bat! will warn you when you try to open a suspicious attachment.
Built-In Backup and Restore - You can make backups of all the configuration settings, address books and folders, and restore such information from the backup file in case of accidental data loss.

NotePager Pro Features & Benefits:
NotePager Pro is one of the leading wireless/PCS software applications for small businesses. Messages are quickly sent to to alphanumeric pagers, and/or cell phones from an easy to use Windows program. NotePager Pro is elegant in design and inexpensive in price. It is an ideal solution for small business or home use. NotePager Pro contains a built in character counter, so that message lengths can be monitored effortlessly. In addition an unlimited number of pagers can be setup and all messages can be recorded in a detailed log for archival purposes.

Built in character counter
Unlimited devices supported
Point and click ease of use
Log of message transmissions
Transmission to single or mutiple recipients
Combined Benefit of NotePager Pro & The Bat!: Receive instant notification on pagers and mobile phones about important emails!

Features & Benefits
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