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PageGate Upgrade Instructions PageGate Upgrade Instructions

PageGate v6, 7, 8 to v9 Upgrade Instructions:

PageGate v6, 7, 8 to v9 Upgrade Instructions:

1. Make sure you have a PageGate version 9 registration key. Previous version registration keys will not work with version 9.

2. Make a backup of the PageGate database (pagegate.mdb). By default, this file is located in the c:\PageGateData\Database\ directory.

3. If you're using PageGate's GetMail Module, please backup the PageGate Mailboxes sub-directory of the PageGate Program directory.

4. If you're using PageGate's GetWeb interface, please backup the web templates/webpages.
On the computer running the PageGate Server, open the PageGate Admin.
Go to the Interfaces - GetWeb - Settings section.
Make a note of the Web Pages Directory.
Browse to the directory indicated in step c.
In this directory, there will be a sub-directory called Templates.
To backup your webpage templates, you could copy the Templates folder to a CD, make a copy on a network location, make a copy in a different folder on the current system, the methods of backing up can vary widely.

5. Shut down every part of PageGate. Make sure that none of the PageGate processes or applications, even the PageGate Client on the workstations, are running.

6. To verify that everything has been shut down, run the Task Manager in Windows by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard or by right clicking on the task bar and selecting "Task Manager".

7. Once the task manager comes up, browse through the Applications or Processes tab. There should be nothing the begins with PG in either list. If you see something that begins with PG that’s still in the list, please highlight it and click on End Task.

8. Download the latest PageGate installation file from our website ( - Click the download button under the PageGate section and save the pgsetup.exe file to your desktop).

9. Right click on the pgsetup.exe, left click on "Run As Administrator".

10. When it asks which installation you wish to run, the only option you want to select is Install PageGate Server.

11. Unless you need to change the installation directory, you can really just click next through the entire routine until it finishes.

12. Now that we have version 9 installed, right click the shortcut for 'PageGate Admin' and select "Run As Administrator".

13. The Admin will prompt you for the version 9 Registration Key. Please enter it, then click Apply.

14. Go to the Program - Settings section.

15. Once in the Settings, you should see a section that says "Run PageGate As". If you are using Windows Server 2016 or 2019, select 'PG Service'. For other operating systems, select 'Windows Service'.

16. Click Apply.
When you click on Apply, you will be prompted for a username and password. In most cases, you can leave both values blank and click 'Apply' again.
To explain, if the default System Account in Windows is enabled, you can leave the credentials blank. If the default system account is disabled, you will need to provide an account name and password that has the "Log on as Service" security policy.
Click here for more information.

17. Open the Services list in Windows. You can do this by either going in to the Services section of the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel or by running services.msc in the Run command.

18. Browse to the PageGate Service.

19. Right click on the PageGate service, tell it to start.

20. To upgrade the PageGate Client to v9, please refer to this portion of the manual.

To upgrade the Additional PageGate Admin to v9, please refer to this portion of the manual.

22. To upgrade the Additional PageGate Monitor to v9, please refer to this portion of the manual.


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