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December 2016 - Newsletter

Hi ,
Welcome to NotePage news. If preferred this newsletter can also be viewed online at:

Verizon Changes
Many of NotePage's customer's use Verizon's public gateway to send messages and have experienced problems lately.  Verizon has updated their receiving SMTP infrastructure and now has a limit on the number of messages you can send to their public SMTP gateway ( per day. Customers are reporting receiving a 554 response when attempting to send messages. Learn how you can resolve this issue:

New Integration Profiles
We are very pleased to announced four new integration partner profiles. All of these partners use PageGate to enhance their existing solutions.

DaPro Systems - CAD System

FireText Response - Emergency Alerts

QED - Medical Dispatch Software

Turn-Key Lone Worker - Personal Duress Alarm System

Did You Know that NotePager Pro Has Calendar Based Scheduling?
You can schedule a single message or a series of messages and you can configure them to repeat at an interval of your choosing.

Texting Toward Degrees
Texting and schooling: they don't quite seem to work together. But, schools are showing us more each day, they do. We often tend to think of texting as a plague to education, and maybe it has been, distracting leagues of students studying at home and even students who find their focus wavering in the classroom. But schools are turning the tables, embracing the medium in a number of ways to improve the students' experience at school. Could texting become a boon, not a bane, to education?

How Texting is Helping Victims of Violence
One of the first things many of us do in an emergency situation is text our loved ones, but what if we can't? Often, in instances of attacks, abduction, and other violent acts, the impulse to reach for our phones subsides to the impulse to defend ourselves, and scarcely in such situations are victims even able to access their phones. Thankfully, numerous developers and organizations have found ways to put texting to use to help victims of violence, whether or not they are able to reach for their phones.

Can SMS Improve Medication Compliance
It can be all too easy to miss doses of medication by simply forgetting to take them, and many who are prescribed medication choose not to take it, feeling uncertain about its risks or that they may not need it. In short, medication compliance can be dangerously low; almost one third of patients prescribed medication prescribed to control blood pressure and lipids, medicine that can be critical to a patient's health, are not compliant with their medication.

How Text Messaging is Changing the Hospitality Industry
While waiting at the airport for your rental car, you get a notification on your cell phone. It's a text from your hotel, asking if you would like a drink or food from room service upon your arrival. It may sound like a futuristic luxury, but the fact of the matter is that scenarios like this are not that far off. Text messaging offers a myriad of ways to boost the hospitality industry, and hotels are bound to take note sooner rather than later.

How Your Bank is Using Text Messaging?
The introduction of online banking marked an important step for banks into the 21st century; being able to access account information rapidly and remotely is a boon to the modern person. But more and more, online access isn't cutting it; web pages are often less accessible on the go, or less user-friendly on smart phones. Many banks have made these services more accessible by developing banking apps, but what about when Internet or data access falter?

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Thank you
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Happy Holidays!
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