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The Subject section of a template controls the behavior of any Subject Line processed by this template. Since Subject Templates may be applied on a Global, Carrier, Connector or Recipient level, it is entirely possible to create a standard format for all Message Subjects using a Global Template, then specify exceptions to this global rule in the Carrier, Connector or Recipient templates.


Generally speaking, the SMTP or Email protocol is the only protocol that actively references the Subject line during its protocol negotiation sequence. As such, you may want to format special Subject Templates for each of your SMTP carriers but that is not required. This can be also accomplished by a single Global Template, if you want to apply these settings to all messages.


When configuring a Subject template, you can use plain text, macros or a mix and match of both. Please see the Macros section for a list of variables that can be used in this section.


For example, you could format a subject template like this:

Message from %Sender%


and any message processed by this template would include the text "Message from TheSenderValue" in the subject.


You could also use only plain text to configure a static subject. For example:

Message from CAD


Or you could use only Macros. For example:

%Date% %Time%