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The Message section of the template controls the output and format of the body of any message controlled by this template. Since Message Templates may be applied on a Global, Carrier, Connector or Recipient level, it is entirely possible to create a standard format for all Messages using a Global Template, then specify exceptions to this global rule in the Carrier, Connector or Recipient templates.


When configuring a Text template, you can use plain text, macros or a mix and match of both. Please see the Macros section for a list of variables that can be used in this section.


For example, you could format a text template like this:

%Date% %Time% %Messsage%


and any message processed by this template would have the date and time stamp before the body of the message.


You could also completely override messages processed by this template by using plaintext and not referencing the %Message% variable. For example:

This is a message from your automated messaging system.




You have received a notification on %Date% at %Time%.