Carrier Templates

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Carrier level templates are most often used to apply specific settings or formatting requirements to your method of delivery and most of the variables you'll apply will be in the Settings section. For more information, please review the Template Components section of the documentation.  Applying a custom template to a carrier tells PageGate to format messages delivered via this carrier in a certain way. Most carriers do not require a custom template but there may be things you want to customize about the look, output or specific format of your messages.


However, some protocols require a formatted Text template to function in the first place. The following protocols require a custom text template to function properly:






All delivery protocols have specific variables that can be used in the Settings section of a corresponding carrier template. These variables can be broken down in to a few categories: Protocol Delivery and Content Modification


Protocol Delivery

These variables modify the behavior of a protocol and specify certain declarations that must be made during the protocol negotiation sequence.

Variables for SMTP

Variables for GSM-AT-IP

Variables for GSM-AT

Variables for HTTPGET and HTTPPOST

Variables for SNPP

Variables for WCTP

Variables for TAP

Variables for RawSerial

Variables for RawTCP

List of All Variables


Content Modification

These variables modify the contents of the subject and message sections for messages this template applies to.

Click here for a list of content modification variables.