Content Modification Variables

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These variables modify the subject line and message text values processed by the template.



Possible Values

Example Statement



True or False

StripNonPrintable = True

Non-printable characters are things like carriage returns, line feeds and other white space characters. By default, this value is Globally set to False. This value should be set to True for Carriers that use the SMTP protocol. Also, if you want PageGate to remove all non-printable characters from the body of a message, this value should be set to True.


If this variable is not present, a False value is assumed.


True or False

StripAlpha = True

This variable tells PageGate to remove all alpha characters from a message, thereby leaving the message with only numeric characters.

For example, if this variable is set to True, it would turn this message: This is a test 1234 in to this message: 1234

If this variable is not present, a False value is assumed.


True or False

ExpandTabs = True

This variable replaces all tab characters with 4 spaces. This applies to both subject and message text.

If this variable is not present in the template, a False value is assumed.


See Desc.

See Description.

This variable removes the specified characters from all message subjects and bodies controlled by this template.


Multiple delimiters can be specified and you will need to separate each value by a pipe '|', which functions as an OR statement.


For example, this statement will remove all asterisks:

StripCharacters = *


This statement will remove all asterisks, semicolons and colons:

StripCharacters = *|;|: