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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Features & Benefits

Lone Worker Features & Benefits: The Turn-key Technologies Lone Worker system is a duress system designed for a lone worker.

Labs can be a very dangerous place for lone workers. Chemicals, fumes, odd work hours and more can all add to the risk of being alone in a laboratory environment.

Manufacturing facilities can present numerous concerns for lone workers. Noisy environments along with multiple areas that are out of view from other staff can put workers at risk if there is an incident that requires assistance.

Maintenance workers often find themselves alone in areas of the facility. Their job requires them to access areas that are typically not home to everyday personnel such as roofs, HVAC systems, boiler rooms,etc.

Features and Benefits of Turn-key Technologies Lone Worker:

A simple button press alerts the response team that there is a duress situation.
Location information guides the response team to the exact location, thereby eliminating wasted time spent searching for an individual in trouble.
If a worker becomes incapacitated, the man-down alarm will activate and provide the response team with location and type of alarm information.
The third alarm is an optional no-response alert. The system Hub can periodically poll the pendant or pager of the lone worker, and send a response in the event the queries are not acknowledged.

PageGate Features & Benefits: PageGate sends an email message into Active911 from the CAD system for mapping and broadcasting. .

Log of message transmissions.
Integrates seamlessly with almost all CAD systems.
Use can be expanded for alternative usage.
Group messaging, pre-programmed messages, on-call text messaging and scheduled messaging
Scanning of a predetermined file for text messages very useful for sending messages from within other programs.

Combined Benefit of PageGate & Turn-key Technologies: Receive instant notification on iPhones, mobile phones, cell phones and other wireless devices.

Features & Benefits
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