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SMS Messaging Software Background

Features & Benefits

Kiwi CatTools Features & Benefits: Kiwi CatTools automated device configuration management routers, switches and firewalls. Includes support provided for Cisco / 3 Com/ Extreme / Foundry / HP / Netscreen and Multicom Devices.

Kiwi CatTools performs the following tasks:

- Perform configuration backups and have any differences instantly e-mailed to you.
- Issue commands via Telnet or SSH to many devices at once.
- Change the configuration at scheduled times.
- Change all your network device passwords in one go.

Kiwi CatTools Activities:

- Connectivity.Ping device test (ping each device and return the round trip statistics)
- Connectivity.Inter-device ping test (pings a series of addresses from each device, or pings all other devices in list from each device)
- Connectivity.Login test (login to each device and enter enable mode)
- General.Modify configuration (enter commands into the running config)
- General.Enter command (enter commands in privileged mode, and capture the output to file)
- General.Backup config (Makes a backup of the running config and compares it to the last one stored on disk. Includes a diff report)
- Report.MAC address table (Builds a list of all MAC addresses on the network)
- Report.Version information (Builds a report of device serial numbers, hardware and software versions)
- Report.ARP table (Builds a report of ARP table entries and tracks changes) Report.Port-MAC-ARP x-ref (Builds a cross reference of the Port/MAC/ARP reports)
- Report.Error info table (Tracks interface stats and errors on CatOS/CatIOS/Cisco.routers/PIX firewall devices)
- 'Connect via' Telnet and SSH on Cisco, HP, Enterasys, CatalystCatOS, CatalystIOS, Linux Telnet, SSH1, SSH1.5, SSH2 connectivity
- Built in multi-threaded TFTP Server

NotePager Pro Features & Benefits: NotePager Pro is a standalone messaging application that can be used to easily and quickly send messages to pagers, mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Built in character counter
Unlimited pagers or cell phones
Point and click ease of use
Multiple carrier support
Log of message transmissions
Transmission to single or mutiple pagers
Preprogrammed messages
Group paging

Combined Benefit of NotePager Pro & Kiwi CatTools: Kiwi CatTools easily informs users by using NotePager Pro to send alerts to cell phones and pagers in the event of CatTools errors.

Features & Benefits
Technical Support - support FAQ and requirements
Download - free evaluation download(s)
Purchase - purchase options
Kiwi CatTools - manufacturer home page

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