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How to Integrate FineConnection MonitorOne

Steps to Integrate FineConnection MonitorOne with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from FineConnection MonitorOne

How to Integrate

You can send Monitor one alert messages to a PageGate server by using the Monitor one messaging gateway interface.

PageGate Settings: GetAscii (Commandline/Ascii)

Settings: PageGate's GetAscii(Commandline/Ascii) interface must be enabled for the integration of PageGate and Monitor one

1. Run PageGate's Administration program (PG Admin)
2. Double-click on the 'Interfaces' object.
3. Double-click on the 'GetAscii' object.
4. Click on the 'Settings' object.
5. Enter the path of the PageGate polling directory.
6. Check the 'Enabled' checkbox.
7. Click the 'Apply' button.

Recipient/Group Settings:
PageGate recipients (or groups) must have the GetAscii service enabled in order to receive messages from Monitor one
1. Add a new or edit an existing PageGate recipient or group.
2. Check the "GetAscii" checkbox in the 'Enabled Services' section and enter or modify all other relevant data.

Monitor one settings:
1. Switch to Designer mode
2. Select Options|Global configuration from the menu on the main window
3. Select the Alerting tab
4. Carefully customize the "Alert table" by setting Event and Class priority levels
5. Click the "Alert Groups and Recipients" control
6. Define Monitor one Alert Groups and Recipients and provide a "PageGate Recipient Name" for each Monitor one user. The PageGate Recipient name is used to map a Monitor one recipient to a PageGate recipient!
7. Click Close to save all changes and to close the window
8. Click the Customize control of the "Send alerts to Pagers, Cellphones etc" section.
9. On the Messaging Gateway Interface configuration screen, check the PageGate radiobutton
10. Enter the path of the PageGate polling directory into the appropriate field (or use the browse button)
11. Choose the fields to include into the alert message and use the Send test message button to send a test message through the system.

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