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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

FineConnection Monitor one

Solution Overview: Monitor one, is network monitoring software that allows you to easily build and run a monitoring station for SNMP enabled networks that helps you manage and control every aspect of your network. Monitor one lets you create an intuitive multi-level hierarchical network topology map that closely matches your actual network. The maps are accessible via the windows interface or via a web browser. You can monitor uptime, bandwidth, performance, utilization and network traffic of all kinds of network components. Monitor one differs from other NMS software in the way it collects SNMP data.

It provides a system that makes it easy to collect any information (in real-time) from SNMP agents and display it in the most suitable way. Monitor one also provides a sophisticated alerting feature. Alerts can be sent for events like Status, Threshold, Syslog and Traps. The alerting scheme is highly customizable and the decision on whether or not to send out an alert is based on the priority level of the device causing the alert and the event severity!

Benefits: For sending these alerts via SMS, pager or cell phone, Monitor one provides an interface for PageGate. FineConnection has chosen PageGate as its preferred messaging gateway system because of its flexible and extended feature set and intelligent messaging approach. With PageGate, the Monitor one Alert Groups and Recipients approach is kept intact and via PageGate's powerful "On-Call" and "Hold-Messages" mechanisms only those network managers are alerted for problems that are "on duty".

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