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How to Integrate DIADvisor with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from DIADvisor

Before you get started…

Things you need to know:

1. Pager phone number for all page recipients
2. Modem access number (phone number for your paging service provider’s paging terminal) Note: this information is obtained by contacting the provider of your phone/pager
3. Baud Rate
4. Init string for your modem to help your modem connect to the paging carrier’s modem Note: good information in the PageGate help, sometimes can be found in modem information too
5. What port you will be using

PageGate Setup

Start > PageGate Admin When you first login you will see the “ “ window. Select the following: scheduler, Get ASCII, Dialer 1, and then click on apply. You may also the program or database directory if desired (not recommended).

1. Program

· Setting – this is what you defined in the previous step

2. Database

· The “Purge After xx Days” field can be set. This sets the number of days that delivered messages are kept in the PageGate database before they are deleted. This setting also controls when old input files processed by the GETAscii interface are removed.

3. Scheduler

· Polling interval – sets how often (in seconds) the scheduler checks the database for new unscheduled messages

4. Interfaces

· Get Ascii

- Must first fill in path for polling directory (need path to folder where SW puts messages)
- Select a polling interval
- Click on apply and then click to select Enable
- Advance polling options available
– probably not necessary for our clients needs

5. Connectors

· Global – standard settings should be okay

· Dialer 1

- Dialer (default to Dialer 1
– could rename if desired)
- Init string (this is an area that where you may need to try more than one setting)
- Dialing prefix (8, 9, etc)
- Dedicated carrier
– can set if all phones/pages use the same carrier, not necessary
- Serial port
- Dicrect connect option
– not standard

6. Carrier

· Right click to add a carrier

- Carrier – enter in the name of the service provider
- Delivery Method – leave on TAP
- Baud Rate
- Parity, Data bits, Stop bits, - leave default
- Init string – should be the same as in the Dialer setup
- Click on apply to save settings

· Once added – you may view by click on Carrier for a list of defined carriers.Click on any carrier to edit

7. Recipients

· Right click to add a recipient

- Recipient – name of person – this is the “subscriber” defined when setting up an alarm.
- Full name
- Recipient type – should be set to normal
- Enable services – must have ascii selected – if you can’t that means ascii isn’t enabled in Interface
- Select a carrier from the drop down list - ID/Pin – cell phone number of recipient
- Leave all other setting as is
- Click on apply to save settings

· Once added – you may view by clicking on Recipient for a list of defined recipients. Click on any recipient to edit
· To test to make sure your settings are correct, right click and choose send message

8. Groups – page to multiple people

· Right click to add a new group

- Name your group
- Member – click on recipients in the non-member group to make them a member of the group

9. Logging – useful for troubleshooting

10. Reports – make sure you have a printer defined

11. Registration

· 30 day evaluation period is not registered
· To register

- You must type in ALL fields exactly as they show on the registration form
- Upon successful registration the box in the upper right will be updated to show your configuration

NOTE: The Help system has some troubleshooting on Modem Setup. Two sections that can be particularly helpful are: Troubleshooting > Init Strings and Connecting to a carrier

Configuration in STORM Watch:

1. Add a folder in the STORM Watch directory – I like to use the name SW Pages

2. From the Main Menu:

· Setup > System Parameters · In the Paging section:

- Product: select PageGate from the drop down menu
- Path: c:\Program Files\STORM Watch\SW Pages\Process
- Page Sender: STORMWatch (this can be any name)
- Message Template: this is totally up to the user as to what they want

3. From the Main Menu:

· Setup > Sites/Sensors > Alarms

- Subscriber: This must be filled in – it must match a “recipient” defined in PageGate (this is not case - Sensitive)
- Message: Enter any additional text other than what was defined in the message template


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