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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Features & Benefits

DIADvisorvisor Features & Benefits: Real-time environmental monitoring. Flood warning. Public safety. Weather forecasting. We serve businesses and individuals with timely, reliable, local and regional weather information.

DIADvisorvisorvisor is a real-time application that collects, displays, and stores environmental data. Simply point and click to view latitude and longitude, site names and pictures, and sensor data in graphical or tabular format.

DIADvisorvisor supports alarms, paging, hydrologic models, and much more. Ideally suited for mission-critical operations, DIADvisorvisor updates data automatically, using color and pattern to identify data points. DIADvisorvisor can be deployed across networks and accessed via the Internet, letting you work anywhere in the world. Processing data in real time, DIADvisorvisor collects information from a variety of sources—ALERT, telephone-interrogated gauges, and United States Geological Survey (USGS) and National Weather Service (NWS) products such as satellite-transmitted data and weather watches and warnings.

DIADvisorvisor displays weather data and storm movement on custom map backgrounds and uses an open, relational database format. The host application can be networked to serve client versions across a LAN, WAN, or using the Internet.

PageGate Features & Benefits: PageGate is a network paging gateway that sends text messages or numeric messages to alphanumeric pagers, cellular phones, PIMs or pager cards. PageGate uses interfaces to send text messages.

Web paging (intranet and Internet)
Email notification and email paging
Can run as a system service
Log of message transmissions
Transmission to single or mutiple pagers
Supports multiple modems and/or direct connection to the paging terminal
Group paging, pre-programmed messages, on-call paging and scheduled paging
Scanning of a predetermined file for text messages

Combined Benefit of PageGate & DIADvisor: Receive instant notification on pagers and mobile phones about weather and flood status.

Features & Benefits
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