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PageGate in Conjunction with Data24-7


Use PageGate with Data24-7 to Send Text Messages without Knowing Telecom Provider


HANOVER, MA - NotePage, Inc. a leader in the wireless messaging software industry, is pleased to announce integration with Data24-7. Data24-7 is a real-time carrier lookup service that can be used in conjunction with PageGate to send messages without knowing an individuals telecom provider.

Data24-7 and PageGate compliment one another by providing a total messaging solution. If you do not have a record of the telecom carrier(s) associated with a recipient's cell phone number, Data24-7 service can be a valuable addition to PageGate.

Data24-7's service works by providing a CGI tie-in to their system, which allows PageGate to make on the fly CGI requests to Data24-7 lookup service, receive the carrier response, then pass the SMS to the appropriate destination. This is beneficial when integrating PageGate software with another program, and particularly useful for emergency management services as it allows them to simply gather a list of numbers to send messages to rather than needing to gather both the cell phone number and the carrier information associated with each number.

About PageGate
PageGate, network-paging software, takes input from any of the front-end interfaces: Web, Email, Commandline/ASCII, Serial, TAP-in and windows GUI Client. PageGate can be run as a system service. Features are group and on-call paging, pre-programmed, scheduled paging, log reports, and scanning of a predetermined file for text messaging. PageGate also support Internet connect, multiple modems and/or a direct connection to paging terminal. Advanced features include password protection, redundant outbound connections, and message rerouting on failure. PageGate is a powerful, scalable network gateway for sending text messages.

About Data24-7
Data24-7 ( is a service that provides real-time carrier look-up services for cell phone numbers, email-to-SMS gateway solutions, carrier lookup, caller name (cnam) services, and more.

For more information please contact NotePage below or see the following web page at

NotePage, Inc. Inc.
PO Box 296
Hanover, MA, 02339
Tel: (781) 829-0500
Fax: (781) 582-1869


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