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SMS Messaging Software Background

Features & Benefits

Advanced Email Parser Features & Benefits: Advanced Email Parser downloads messages from mail servers and processes them using a list of rules set up by user. Rules consist of filters and processing components. When downloading a message, AEP checks whether it is to be processed or not using filters. If the message is to be processed, AEP adds it to processing queue. Upon completion working session with a mail server, AEP processes all the messages in the queue. Processing components are used to parse, modify, and store data from messages.

PageGate Features & Benefits: PageGate is a network paging gateway that sends text messages or numeric messages to alphanumeric pagers, cellular phones, PIMs or pager cards. PageGate uses interfaces to send text messages.

Web paging (intranet and Internet)
Email notification and email paging
Can run as a system service
Log of message transmissions
Transmission to single or mutiple pagers
Supports multiple modems and/or direct connection to the paging terminal
Group paging, pre-programmed messages, on-call paging and scheduled paging
Scanning of a predetermined file for text messages

Combined Benefit of PageGate & Advanced Email Parser: Advanced Email Parser easily informs users by using PageGate to send alerts to cell phones and pagers in the event of an email message arriving and meeting certain rules or conditions.

Features & Benefits
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