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full-featured SMS server gateway software application for networks

Windows XP and newer

PageGate is an SMS messaging server application that sends SMS and text messages to: mobile phones, cell phones and other wireless devices. Messages can be sent a variety of different ways including: networked computers, e-mail, Internet web pages, commandline executables, text files, a serial port, and from within other applications. Messages can be sent to the telecom provider via: the Internet (SNPP, WCTP, SMTP), modems (TAP, UCP, GSM, TONE), or direct serial connections (TAP).

PageGate is a high capacity software application, with built in redundancy and failover capabilities ensuring that urgent text messages are sent in a timely manner.

NotePager Pro

text messaging software solution for standalone computers

Windows XP (sp3), 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 8, 8.1, 2012 and newer versions Microsoft Windows operating system

NotePager Pro sends text or SMS messages to wireless devices, mobile phones, and cell phones using an easy to use desktop application. NotePager Pro sends SMS messages or text messages through an Internet connection, modem or a cellular modem.

NotePager Pro supports group messaging, pre-programmed messages and scheduled messaging. Send SMS to anyone, anywhere, any time!

SMS Software Solution
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Great series of new articles added to the Education Section:

NEW NotePager Pro v5

NotePager Pro version 5 is now available:

Verizon is Discontinuing TAP

Verizon is discontinuing support for TAP:

PageGate v7 is Available!

Check out what is new in the latest version of PageGate:

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Orion Integration Video

Video tutorial steps customers through integrating SolarWinds Orion and PageGate to send network alerts to cell phones and wirleess devices.

PRTG Integration Video

Video tutorial that walks visitors through the process of integration PRTG network monitoring software and PageGate to send alerts to mobile phones.

SMS Learning Center Launched

The SMS and text messaging center includes interactive video tutorials, educational articles and support resources all pertinent to the sending of text and SMS messages.

SMS Video Tutorials

Video tutorials that walk users through setup and features in NotePager Pro and PageGate.
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