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Educational Articles

Educational articles related to Text Messaging

General Cell Phone and SMS Articles

7 Cell Phone Safety Tips Your Kids Need to Know - These tips can go a long way to protect your child from the threats and problems that cell phone ownership may carry.

How to Dispose of a Cell Phone - Most of us know when to discard, recycle, or compost the items we're parting with, but it seems that many of us are at a loss as to how to dispose properly of our cell phones when we no longer need them.

When Crisis Strikes - We have all seen the tragedies that have struck a little too close to home.

The Advent of Access: How Smart Phones Have Changed the World - With the ongoing move of smart phones towards near-ubiquity, much of society has come to take these do-all devices for granted. In overcoming the novelty of smart phones, many of us have lost our one-time sense of awe at this technology, and have ceased marveling at the effect it has had on the world around us.

What is the Right Age for a Cell Phone? - There are a few factors, however, that remain consistently important in helping parents decide whether their child or young teenager is ready for their own phone.

What is SMS? - In recent months SMS has become synonymous with any text message sent to a cell phone.

Tips for Using Cell Phones - While there are no specific, explicitly stated rules for how, when, and what one should text, there is undoubtedly an unspoken standard of what is appropriate and inappropriate to text.

Cellular Phone Etiquette - While cellular connectivity is a comfort to some, it can be rude and disruptive to others. You may wish to be available at all times, but there are some times when it is simply not appropriate to use your cell phone.

Cellular Phone Etiquette - Part 2 - Cellular telephones, or "cellphones", are an important part of modern society. When "Miss Manners" wrote about good manners and etiquette, mobile phones did not exist nearly to the extent they do in our society today. In an effort to assist cellphone users, we have written up some guidelines to help people use their mobile phones appropriately while navigating in polite society.

Cellular Reliability - Cellular phones and pagers are part of the "now" generation, instant contact, anywhere at any time. People are looking for convenience, comfort and security. The question is how instantaneous and reliable is the contact?

What Are Ringtones? - Ringtones are melodic sounds a cellular or cell phone makes when an incoming call or message arrives. Since cellular phones are significantly more sophisticated than landline phones, ringtones can be personalized to suit the owner's personal taste.

Cellular Number Portability - Industry changes are on the horizon for cellular industry. The FCC has ruled that customers can change carriers (cellular providers) and maintain their existing cellular number.

Why Recycle Celluar Phones? - Cellular phones and other mobile devices often contain toxic materials that can pollute the environment.

How Reliable are Cell Phones - Cellular phones and pagers are part of the "now" generation, instant contact, anywhere at any time. People are looking for convenience, comfort and security.

How Messaging Works - Messages can be sent to pagers, cell phones or other devices any number of ways. We've detailed some of the more common ways below.

How to Recycle Cell Phones - The low cost of cell phones and the added technological improvements mean that the majority of cellular phone users are on their 2nd or 3rd generation hand set.

Cell Phone Etiquette - Today's society is all about being connected 24/7. Cell phones now provide instant access to anyone and everyone, from corporate executives to housewives and children alike.

Mobile Phone Etiquette - Cellular telephones, or "cellphones", are an important part of modern society. When "Miss Manners" wrote about good manners and etiquette, mobile phones did not exist nearly to the extent they do in our society today.

Phone Rules; Contracts for Parents - Owning and using a phone requires a level of responsibility. With this responsibility, however, comes more opportunities to make mistakes, and greater accountability for those mistakes.

Why SMTP Messages Fail - A quick look at greylists and blacklists.

My Big Fat Greece Vacation Phone Bill: How To Travel With Your Phone - While using your phone outside of the country is likely to cost you a little more than usual, you shouldn't be afraid of taking your phone with you on your travels. Before shooting that MMS with the view from your hotel room, though, you should do a little research to make sure you aren't in over your head.

You Won't Believe How These People are Texting - Most of us know texting's being used for just about everything these days, but some of the new ways texting is being applied to our lives still manage to surprise us.

10 Texting Habits You Need to Drop - We all have those friends we love very much, but sometimes just hate to text. Bad texting habits can happen to good people, and even those of us who fancy ourselves masters of text message etiquette invariably catch ourselves indulging in poor texting behavior from time to time.

10 Ways to Cure Your Mobile Bill - Cell phones are ubiquitous, and tend to be important if not necessary to own. Yet sometimes the cost of owning and using a mobile phone can get out of hand. And the prevalence of daunting cell phone bills only grows as more and more apps and functions that use data come into popular use.

Construction and Text Messaging

How Construction Firms Are Using Texting - Texting has become a major mode of communication and coordination for many workplaces, allowing colleagues to exchange information rapidly and effectively.

Education and Text Messaging

Can Text Messaging Bridge the "Word Gap" in Our Kids? - We've seen text messaging take on a number of practical roles in secondary and post-secondary education, but did you know it can be used to bolster the education even of young children?

Is Text Messaging Ruining Our Youth? - If you have noticed the apparent omnipresence of cell phones, as most of us surely have, it likely won't surprise you that about 86% of the world's roughly seven billion people have access to a mobile phone, or that 80% of cell phone owners use their devices to send and receive text messages.

Can Your Smart Phone Make You, Well, Smarter? - Smart phones do an abundance of amazing things for us, but it is important to note that making you smarter overnight is not one of them. Your smart phone can, however, be implemented in a way that will aid you substantially in the process of expanding your mind and heightening your intelligence. Use your phone right, and you may be surprised at what it can do!

Texting towards Degrees: How Is Texting Impoving Education? - Texting and schooling: they don't quite seem to work together. But, schools are showing us more each day, they do.

Let's Talk About Sex: How Cell Phones Are Changing the Face of Sex Education - Love it or hate it, sexual health education in the U.S. experiences a dearth of funding and valid information, and people are fighting back.

Why Campus Security Needs Texting - With instances of gun violence and other emergency situations on college campuses making the news all too often, security systems at colleges and universities remain of the utmost importance. Campus security not only needs to be strong, but current to ensure the safety of students.

Farming and Text Messaging

Apple Farmers: How SMS and Mobile Technology Are Shaping Farming - Texting is only beginning to make its impact on the world of farming. While promising advances have been made, many of these devices and processes are in limited use, or are still being tested and improved. Who knows how SMS technology will change the face of agriculture as more and more developments are made in the coming years? We can't wait to find out.

Tracking Animals with SMS - Oftentimes, we think of the conservation of the old as incongruous with the use of newer technology like mobile devices. This is far from the case; in fact, GPS technology is being combined with text messaging to track both wildlife and livestock, a useful tool to keep an eye on both the farm animals we depend on and the increasing number of endangered or threatened species.

Financial Companies and Text Messaging

How Financial Companies Are Using Texting - Countless industries are using text messaging to fortify their customer service, marketing, and other aspects of their brands in the 21st century. Financial companies are no exception, reaping great gain from the powerful, economical, and environmentally-friendly advent of text messaging.

How Your Bank Is Using Texting - Text banking offers a quick, easy, and readily available solution.

Health Care and Text Messaging

To Your Health: the Impact of Texting on Women's Health - Using text messaging to improve health isn't new, and we've written about it time and again. But as those seeking to enhance health, wellness, and medicine turn to texting more and more to further their ends, an increasingly exciting and specific array of SMS applications emerges.

Texting to Better Health: Can SMS Improve Medication Compliance? - Studies are showing that setting up text message reminders for dosages improves rates of compliance to a medication routine, findings that have big implications.

How Text Messaging Helps the Fight Against Malaria - Could text messaging help the fight against malaria? Recent studies and applications of SMS to efforts against malaria in afflicted regions of African countries suggest that it just might.

Texting Wounds: Is SMS the Future of Sports Medicine Research? - Sports are an enormously popular pastime; recreational sports constitute a huge proportion of participation in sports. And yet, likely due to the lack of attention placed on sports at the recreational level, injuries in community level sports garner little attention.

Could Texting Save Clinical Trial Recruitment? - Getting a drug on the market is no easy feat; an enormous amount of research, development, and trials are only quantitative markers of the process a new medication must undergo before ganing the clear for distribution by healthcare professionals.

For Diabetics, Texting Program Improves Health - In an effort to make keeping on top of the daily responsibilities of diabetes easier, researchers have begun to explore how texting might be used to lighten this load and improve the health of diabetics.

Can Texting Double Your Odds of Kicking Smoking for Good? - All in all, with text messaging at our disposal, we are poised to make great strides in the realm of medicine and addiction.

Can SMS Bolster Skin Cancer Prevention? - If you find yourself forgetting the sunscreen or the hat a little too often, a new study from Australia may have a solution for you-- and that solution takes the form of texting.

Text Messaging Can Help Weight Loss, Study Says - With about half of American adults trying to lose weight and an estimated 65 billion dollars being spent each year by Americans on weight loss-related products and services, there simply has to be a better way. And, studies suggest, there is.

How Texting Is Helping the Fight Against Prostate Cancer - One exciting use of SMS to develop in recent years promises to help those diagnosed with or at risk of prostate cancer.

Can Text Messaging Help Protect Your Kids from the Flu? - With text messaging rising as a top mode of communication, the use of texting to advance health and educate people becomes an increasingly promising avenue for health care providers, and, with developments like these educational texts, the children they serve.

Why You Could Never Forget an Appointment Again, Thanks to Texting - The efficacy and cost reduction presented by texting as a vehicle for reminders, combined with the medium's other conveniences, makes it a powerful tool available to help professionals and forgetful folks alike.

Text Messaging Improves Breast Cancer Screening Attendance, Study Shows - Everyone forgets commitments from time to time, and doctor's appointments are far from an exception. But missing appointments with your health care provider can be both a drain on medical resources and a danger to your health.

Text Messages Improve Birth Control Compliance, Says Study - Regardless of what research stands to be done, the power of text messaging to improve health care compliance shines as clear as ever. SMS is a truly valuable tool for the practice of medicine and those who benefit from it.

Let's Talk About Sex: How Cell Phones Are Changing the Face of Sex Education - Love it or hate it, sexual health education in the U.S. experiences a dearth of funding and valid information, and people are fighting back.

The Health Implications of Texting - These applications of texting are certainly a boon to the sphere of health and medicine, which constantly grows more efficient and effective as we develop technology and find new uses for it. With so many new uses for SMS arising in the medical community, texting promises to provide many innovative and useful new programs to come.

Smart Phone, Healthy You - Trying to keep that New Year's resolution to stay fit? You'll be pleased to learn that technology can help you far more than it may distract you, if you use it right. Whether you want to stick to a fitness regimen, eat healthier, manage your weight, sleep better, or improve your overall wellness, there is, as they say, an app for that.

R U Ready to Fight Ebola? How Texting Has Combatted the Ebola Outbreak - Though Western panic about the 2014 Ebola outbreak has largely calmed down, the epidemic remains a deadly reality in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. One surprising, and surprisingly effective, agent of these efforts is, yes, texting.

Mobile Technology Fighting the Spread of Disease - Mobile technology is not new to health developments--cell phones have been put to task in an impressive range of technologies to improve public health. An important and relevant instance of this approach is the use of texting to address disease epidemics.

Can Text Messaging Boost Prenatal Care? - Anyone who has been up close and personal with pregnancy, be it their own or a family member's, friend's, or partner's, knows that it's a lot to keep track of. After all, a pregnant person needs to meet the care demands of two bodies, and must heed very particular self-care and lifestyle guidelines in order to do so.

Hospitality and Text Messaging

Text and Dine: How Texting Can Improve the Restaurant Industry - We often think of going out to eat as an almost sacred ritual, free from the distracting reach of our mobile devices: an occasion about enjoying food and the company of friends and family face-to-face.

How Can Text Messaging Change the Hospitality Industry? - While waiting at the airport for your rental car, you get a notification on your cell phone. It's a text from your hotel, asking if you would like a drink or food from room service upon your arrival. It may sound like a futuristic luxury, but the fact of the matter is that scenarios like this are not that far off.

Government and Text Messaging

Texting Hunting Violations: How SMS Is Helping Protect the Wilderness - We may not think of the expansion of technology and the protection of the wild as congruent interests, but the expanding applications of SMS show us more and more that they just might be.

Juror Notifications Via Text Message Streamlining Jury Duty - No one likes getting their jury duty summons, and scheduling around jury duty can be an even greater nuisance. Thankfully, some states and counties are beginning to find ways to reduce this problem, with text messaging taking a central role.

Tracking Animals with SMS - Oftentimes, we think of the conservation of the old as incongruous with the use of newer technology like mobile devices. This is far from the case; in fact, GPS technology is being combined with text messaging to track both wildlife and livestock, a useful tool to keep an eye on both the farm animals we depend on and the increasing number of endangered or threatened species.

Insurance Companies and Text Messaging

How Insurance Companies Use Texting - Many modern professionals know that text messaging is a boon to workplace communication. The power texting also holds to boost marketing and contact with customers is also great, and should not be overlooked. This holds particularly true for insurance companies, many of which use texting in a range of ways to enhance their close contact with policyholders.

Media Companies and Text Messaging

How Media Companies are Using Messaging - Text messaging marketing grows ever more prevalent across industries in this day and age. A powerful example of this is media companies, which use text message marketing to entice consumers, offer them a more convenient experience, and increase their efficacy among the abundant younger crowd of media consumers.

How Texting Can Keep You Safe in Severe Weather - Most of us can recall a time when we wished we'd planned a little better during a big storm. After all, bad weather is an unavoidable fact of life, and all we can do when severe weather is expected is plan accordingly to stay warm, dry, and safe.

Politics and Text Messaging

New Role of Cell Phone in Politics - With the expansion of cell phones into so many aspects of our lives, it's hardly surprising that cell phones are playing a growing role in the political sphere.

Public Safety and Text Messaging

When Crisis Strikes - We have all seen the tragedies that have struck a little too close to home.

10 Things Your Phone Can Do in Emergency Situations - Owning a cell phone has come to be regarded as a necessity in modern society, and with the great advances that have been made in smart phone technology, most of us rely on our phones to help us in an array of situations.

Sending Messages for Public Safety - In the Public Safety and Emergency Management world, making sure your messages are always delivered and received is incredibly important. There are many different ways to send messages and it can sometimes be confusing and frustrating to know what to do and how to do it. With that in mind, here are the best methods available to Public Safety and Emergency Management services for sending SMS messages.

Integration Methods for Public Safety - There are many different ways to integrate PageGate with other programs and hardware and these forms of integration are invaluable to Public Safety and Emergency Management Systems because it allows you to send pages to pagers, SMS to cell phones, Email to email addresses or any combination of the three. It's a fairly easy process but knowing how to integrate with our software is a key step in understanding what's going to be best for your environment.

Real Estate and Text Messaging

How Realtors Are Using Text Messaging - It is clear that text messaging is a powerful and effective way to bolster workplace communication, and therefore workplace function, across fields. Perhaps less obvious is the potential marketing power texting holds for fields like realty.

How Has Text Messaging Changed Real Estate? - The further we implement text messaging in our lives, the further its impact reaches. We live in a time in which many of the industries and services we rely on are embracing, and therefore being changed by, SMS technology.

Relationships and Text Messaging

Love in the 21st Century: How Texting Is Changing Dating and Relationships - "There's a shortcut for saying 'I love you,'" I had laughed to my then partner. I was poking around on my smartphone, exploring the features it offered, and was intrigued to find a list of shortcuts that let users quickly send staple messages, like "on my way," "be right back," and, apparently, a candid admission of romantic love. "Well, gotta placate the wife when you're busy at a meeting," ran his joking retort, but I had to wonder--what is the role of text messaging in modern dating and relationships, really? How has texting changed the way we date?

Religion and Text Messaging

Text Me to Church: How SMS Helps Religion - We don't too often think of technological development in the realm of religion, a word that calls to mind community gatherings and places of worship that long predate modern technology. But the fact of the matter is, when it comes to SMS technology, everyone is finding ways to advance the things that are important to them, and religion makes no exception.

Security and Text Messaging

How is Texting Impacting Human Trafficking? - We've seen text messaging used in a host of inventive ways to make our lives a little easier, but the way the Polaris Project has enlisted SMS for a bigger task: helping victims of human trafficking find safety and get back on their feet.

Can A Text Prevent Theft? How Home Security Is Using SMS - Providers across industries are embracing text messaging as a modern boost to their marketing and customer service. While the home security industry is hardly an exception, it is doing even more interesting things with texting; some security companies are incorporating text messaging into the very services they offer, and to much benefit.

How Texting Is Helping Victims of Violence Across the World - Texting has had many significant uses, but the use of SMS to help people remain in or find safety surely stands as one of the most important. Texting is not only a daily convenience, but a powerful force for good worldwide.

Transportation and Text Messaging

How Your Phone Can Make Driving Safer - As much as we love our phones, their widespread use has a number of negative consequences, and the fact that almost one in four car collisions involve cell phones is a particularly grave one. However, many innovators have responded to this danger, developing technologies that aim to reduce the role of cell phones in distracted driving.

Utilities and Text Messaging

How Utilities are Using Messaging - Good customer service is adaptable, responding to customers' needs as they develop and change. For this reason, companies across industries are incorporating SMS into their customer service as texting rises as a preferred mode of communication, even across age groups. This holds very true in utilities, where communication with customers is essential.

Did You Know PageGate.... - Did you know that PageGate can do some of these interesting things?


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