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SMS Messaging Software Background

Why Integrate?

NotePage's Integration Partners are software developers that have complimentary product lines.

NotePage frequently receive requests from companies looking to expand their functionality and while NotePage focuses on wireless messaging there are a number of horizontals that NotePage's software titles reach. Through partnering, NotePage's products become more functional, it also benefits our partners by increasing their products appeal. The idea is to co-promote the products. PageGate can easily be integrated to existing applications via a commandline/ASCII interface. It allows for the scanning of a predetermined file for text messages or for commandline messaging from existing applications. If you are interested in adding text messaging functionality to existing applications please contact us at 781.829.0500.

Benefits to becoming an integration partner

increase functionality of existing applications
support all the protocols for sending messages
valuable leads and referrals in your area
co-promotion opportunities
publicity and press exposure
bundling opportunities
evaluation software
exposure on ancillary sites sponsored by NotePage, Inc. (more than 60 industry specific sites!
premium technical support
product sneak peaks
promotion on 3rd party sites
no-coding necessary
referrals from NotePage's website
beta testing opportunities and much more...

how to add texting and messaging functionality to existing applications



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