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White Papers and Customer Profiles Shelby Police Department

Company Name:  Shelby Police Department
Industry: Law Enforcement

Business Description:

The  Shelby Police Department. is responsible for Shelby's Police Department Communications Center, they dispatch Police Officers only (No Fire or Ems). Shelby is located at the base of the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

How is PageGate Used By the  Shelby Police Department?
The Shelby Police Department utilizes PageGate with OSSI Software (CAD Software). The Shelby Police Department pages out their Special Response Team (SWATt) and their Command Staff gets automatic pages on high Priority Crime calls such as Robbery, Homicide etc...

The Shelby Police Department also uses PageGate to send text messages to their Utilities teams with power outages or gas leak issues. and PageGate sends them the nature of the call and also, the location.

The Shelby Police Department will drop a unit onto a call within their Computer Aided Dispatch system. They use PageGate in conjuction with their CAD software to automatically page Officers with certain calls.

PageGate is also setup to automatically email a generic email list with every single call for service and forward the accident reports to twitter so that our community can see where accidents are occurring.

PageGate speeds up the process of notifying out command staff personnel and Utilities personnel with an automatic text message through a cell provider, in turn saving valuable time with the Shelby communications staff.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"Very appreciative of the product and its functionality"
Terry Grayson
Shelby Police Department

Shelby Police Department PDF Case Study


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