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White Papers and Customer Profiles Portage County

Company Name: Portage County
Industry: Public Safety

Business Description:

Portage County Wisconsin covers 823 square miles with a diverse landscape and rich culture. The Portage County is governed by a County Executive and a 25-member Board of Supervisors, elected from one city, nine villages, and seventeen townships, with an estimated population of more than 70,ooo residents.

How is PageGate Used By Portage County?
Portage County uses PageGate in their Dispatch Center to link their computer aided dispatch system, Tritech VisionCAD, to IamResponding. When a dispatcher adds a unit (ambulance, fire truck, etc) to a call, the VisionCAD looks for that unit to be in a group that has been set up to be sent a message. VisionCAD then connects to PageGate to pick up the corresponding number. That then reaches out to the IamResponding number associated to it, thus paging or texting anyone that is setup in the IamResponding group.

PageGate automates paging outlying fire departments and emergency responders so the Portage County dispatchers don't have to manually page them. PageGate frees up the dispatchers time and more accurately sends messages to the correct individuals.

Customer Quote/Comments:
"Technical support was great to work with. Very helpful and knowledgeable"
Amy Modrzewski
Portage County

Portage County PDF Case Study


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