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PageGate Upgrading to Version 7 Video Tutorial

PageGate Upgrading to Verison 7

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Upgrade PageGate from version 5 or version 6 to version 7 Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the tutorial on how to upgrade PageGate to version 7.

Before you begin the upgrade process, be sure to stop all PageGate processes, close the server, stop the services, close the admin, and monitor. Make absolutely certain that no part of PageGate is running before you do the upgrade.

Since we've made several enhancements and added several new features in version 7, we've also updated our database structure to reflect those changes. As such, when you upgrade from version 5 or 6 to version 7, it must also upgrade the database.

The chances of anything going wrong during the database conversion are slim to none but it's always a good idea to be safe. So, the first thing we'll need to do is go to the PageGate database directory.

By default, the version 5 or version 6 database is located in c:\PageGateData\Database\

Once in the PageGate directory, find the pagegate.mdb file.

Right click on it, then left click on copy.

Open your Documents, Desktop or whatever backup location you prefer, then go to right click and paste to place a copy of the database in that folder.

Now that we've backed up the database, we can proceed.

Next we need to download the installation file for version 7, so open a web browser and go to

You may need to scroll down just a little but you should see the PageGate section in the very center of the page.

In the PageGate section, you'll notice that we have three options: More Info, Download, and Buy Now.

For the purposes of this tutorial, click on Download.

It may take the website a few seconds to respond but it should come up with this prompt.

Left click on Save.

When asked where you want to save, be sure to select the Desktop for easy reference later, then left click on the save button.

Now that we have the installation file downloaded, right click on the file and select "Run As Administrator" to run it.

The installation will extract and give you this prompt.

You'll notice that there are four installation options.

The only relevant option for the server itself is the "PageGate Server" option. The rest of these options are intended for the workstations.

To proceed, left click on Install PageGate Server.

Click on Next.

For the next step, you don't necessarily have to view the read me or release notes, so click on Next.

On the next step, please read the EULA carefully, select "I accept the agreement" and click on Next.

On the next step, you can choose the destination folder for the program. By default, the program installs to the Program Files directory on your C: drive but you can change this by clicking on Browse.

Be sure to set your installation directory, then left click on Next.

Click on Next, then select whether you want desktop icons created for the PageGate Admin and Monitor, then click on Next.

Click on Install to begin the installation.

Click on Finish when the installation completes.

Next we need to upgrade your database and provide the Registration information. To do this, we need to run the PageGate Admin. So, right click on the shortcut for the PageGate Admin and select "Run As Administrator".

When you do, it should bring up this prompt that asks if you want to upgrade the database.

Left click on Yes.

The upgrade process will commence and, when finished, will bing up this dialog to notify you. Left click on OK.

After the database has been upgraded, the program will ask you for your registration information. Please enter your version 7 registration key. If you do not have a registration key, please contact our Sales Department at or by phone at 781-829-0500 xt 1.

After entering your version 7 registration information, left click on apply. Then click on OK, then click on close.

When you do, you'll receive a dialog notifying you that because the database was modified, PageGate must be restarted.

Restart your computer and the upgrade will be complete.

This concludes the tutorial on how to upgrade the PageGate Server from version 5 or 6 to version 7. For more tutorials, including how to add an SMTP recipient, please visit our website,

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