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PageGate SMTP Recipient Setup Video Tutorial

PageGate SMTP Recipient Setup

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PageGate SMTP Recipient Setup Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the tutorial on how to add an SMTP recipient in PageGate.

he first step is to run the PageGate Admin, so go to your start menu, go to your programs, find the PageGate program group, and left click on the PageGate Admin.

Once the PageGate Admin comes up, find the recipient section.

Right click on it, then left click on Add.

You can name the recipient whatever you please.

After entering the recipient's name, you'll notice that if you left click in the recipient field, it should fill it in for you.

The type should pretty much always be normal, so leave it at that option.

In the carrier field, click on the dropdown arrow and select one of your SMTP based carriers.

You should then notice the Email To field below the carrier field. In the Email To field, you should enter the phone number and domain of the device and device's carrier.

If you're not sure what to enter here, please visit our website, www.notepage.net Once at our website, on the left hand side, click on the Support section.

Once in the support section, you should see the SMTP Delivery Settings link.

Left click on that link.

You'll then be taken to a page that lists all of the domains for all of the carriers that we currently know of.

After finding your carrier's relevant information, go back into PageGate.

In the email to field, you'll want to enter the recipient's ten digit cel phone number, no spaces or dashes, followed by the @ sign and then the carrier's SMTP delivery domain.

Next you'll see the Max Characters field.

If you've gone through our Carrier tutorial, you'll remember that the carrier also has a max characters. The Carrier's max characters determines the number of characters this carrier can receive in one message. This field, in the recipient settings, determines the maximum number of characters this recipient should be able to receive. If the Recipient's Max characters is higher than the Carrier's Max characters, the program will split the message into multiple messages.

For example, if the carrier's Max Characters is set to 160 and we have our Max Characters set to 320 and we then send a 200 character message to this recipient, the program will send one 160 character and one 40 character message to the recipient.

Next you should see the Notify Code field.

This field is primarily used in tandem with numeric only pagers and is only ever referenced in one of two cases, which we'll get to in a moment.

Below the notify code, you should see these six check boxes. If you have a check in the Notify Only box, the program will only ever send this recipient the numerical sequence you've entered into the Notify Code.

If the device you're sending to is an alphanumeric device, Alpha should be checked. If it is a numeric only device, Alpha should not be checked.

If alpha is unchecked and you attempt to send an alpha message to this device, the program will instead send the notify code.

Below that is the Reliapage checkbox. If this is enabled, the program will autonumber every message sent to this device.

Below that is the Send subject checkbox.

If this is enabled, the program will send a subject line as part of the SMTP message.

Next is the "Don't send From" checkbox.

If this is checked, the program will not send any sender's information to this device. Next is the Don't send 'from' domain checkbox.

If this is checked, the program will not send the information you've entered into the local domain field to this device.

Drop non-printable characters should be enabled.

After entering your information and selecting your preferences, left click on Apply.

When you do, you should see the recipient show up in the available recipient list.

This concludes the tutorial on how to add an SMTP recipient into PageGate. For more tutorials, including how to add an SMTP recipient, please visit our website, www.notepage.net

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