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PageGate Recipient Types Introduction Video Tutorial

PageGate Recipient Types Introduction

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PageGate Recipient Types Introduction Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the tutorial on the different recipient types in PageGate.

In this tutorial, we'll be explaining what the different types of recipients and their functions are in PageGate.

The first step is to run the PageGate admin, so go to your start menu in Windows, go to Programs, find the PageGate program group, and run the PageGate Admin.

Before we begin, there are two times that we can change a recipient's type. You can modify the type when adding a new recipient or you can modify the type of an existing recipient.

For more information on how to do that, please watch the tutorials on how to add recipients in to PageGate on our website,

Once in the PageGate Admin, left click on the + next to recipients.

Left click on the + next to the recipient whose type you want to change, then left click on settings under the recipient.

Now that we're in the settings of a recipient, left click on the drop-down arrow next to the Type section and you should see these four options appear: Ad-Hoc, Email Only, Multi-Page, and Normal.

The ad-hoc type of recipient allows you to pass the destination information to this recipient and effectively tells PageGate that this recipient has no unique ID or email address of its own.

For example, let's say that we have this ad-hoc recipient tied to an SMTP, or Email, carrier. If this were a normal recipient, we would say that every time this recipient was messaged, all of the messages would go to one specific email address, whether it be the Email to SMS address for a cell phone or pager or real email address.

With the type being ad-hoc, you can pass the email address to send to as well as the message to be sent.

As a brief demonstration, I'm going to change the type of this recipient to ad-hoc, then set the carrier to one of my SMTP carriers. Now, if I right click on the recipient's name and left click on Send message, you'll see that it's asking me for the ID to message. In this case, the ID would need to be an email address.

Back in the recipient settings, the second option in the Type dropdown list is Email Only.

If PageGate, via the GetMail module, is hosting a domain, this tells PageGate that this recipient is not supposed to be tied to a cell phone, pager, or email address. In fact, this recipient is its own email address. Any time this recipient receives an email, PageGate stores the message in the recipient's mailbox for later retrieval by an email program, such as Eudora or Outlook.

For more information on how to configure this, please watch out tutorial on the Basic Configuration of the GetMail module at our website,

The third option in the drop-down list is Multi-Page. This recipient type is solely used in conjunction with the GetWeb module. For more information on the Multi-Page recipient type and configuration within the GetWeb module, please watch our Multi-Page GetWeb configuration tutorial on our website,

The fourth and final option is the one you'll use most often, Normal. This recipient type tells PageGate that this recipient has an email address or ID that it should send to.

This concludes the tutorial on the different types of recipients within PageGate. For more information, including how to configure the different modules within PageGate, please visit our website,

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