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PageGate Groups Setup Video Tutorial

PageGate Groups Setup

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PageGate Groups Setup Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the Groups and Display Groups tutorial.

In this tutorial, we'll be going over how to configure Groups and Display groups within PageGate.

The first step is to run the PageGate Admin, so go to your start menu, go to Programs, find the PageGate Program group, and left click on the PageGate Admin.

When the PageGate Admin comes up, you should see both sections: groups and display groups.

We'll do the groups first. Right click on the groups section, then left click on Add.

In the Description field, you can name the group whatever you please.

After giving the group a name, once you left click in the Group field, it should fill in for you.

You'll notice the Advanced Options and we'll get to those in a moment.

Left click on Apply to add this group into the list.

Once the group has been added, left click on the + next to the group and go to the Members section.

Here in the members section, you'll notice that we have two sections: Non-Members and Members.

To add someone as a member of a group, simply left click on their name and it will move them into the members section.

Once you've finished populating your group, left click on Apply.

Now, let's go back to those Advanced Options we saw earlier.

Left click on the Settings under your group's name.

You should see the On-Call Group checkbox.

If this is enabled, you can configure a list of dates and times for an on-call schedule for the members of this group.

To configure this schedule, put a check in On-Call Group and left click on the On-Call Schedule button.

Once the On-Call schedule screen comes up, left click on Add.

First, select the recipient that you want to configure.

Then specify the start day, start time, stop day, and stop time.

In this example, I'm going to say that my sample SMTP recipient should receive messages Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. Once you've set your schedule, left click on Apply.

This tells PageGate that this recipient should only ever receive messages to this group from 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.

Any messages sent on Saturday or Sunday or messages sent before 9AM or after 5PM will not go to this recipient and will instead go to whoever is on call.

Once you've configured your on-call schedule, left click on Apply.

In this next part of the tutorial, we'll be going over how to configure a display group but let me explain what a display group is.

A normal group is a group of recipients that all need to be messaged at once.

The normal groups will show up in the PageGate client or on your paging website and are available to message.

The display groups are groups that allow you to control who the PageGate Client or web pages can and cannot see.

So, find the Display Groups section, right click on it, and left click on Add.

As before, give this display group a description, then left click in the group field and it will fill in for you.

Left click on Apply to add this new display group. Left click on the + next to the display group's name, and left click on members.

Here in the members, we can choose who should be displayed and who should not be displayed in the PageGate client.

Left click on a recipient or group's name to move them into the member list and left click on Apply.

You can have multiple display groups as well.

For example, let's say we have three sections: sales, tech, and registration. Let's also say that we don't want the Sales receptionists to see the Tech or Registration people.

We can lock the Sales receptionists' GUI Client to the Sales Display group and they'll only ever be able to select from the members in the Sales Display Group.

This concludes the Groups and Display Groups tutorial

For more information, including how to configure the PageGate Server, please visit our website,

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