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PageGate Basic ASCII Setup Video Tutorial

PageGate Basic ASCII Setup

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PageGate Basic ASCII Setup Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the tutorial on how to configure the basic options of the GetAscii module in PageGate.

In this tutorial, we'll be going over what the GetAscii module is, how it works, and how to configure the basic options.

Before we begin the configuration, let me first explain what the GetAscii module is and how it works.

The GetAscii module is a part of PageGate that can monitor a directory or series of directories for ASCII text output.

For example, if you're integrating with a server monitoring utility or a nursing station call system, those types of programs have the ability to write a text file to a directory.

The GetAscii module can then read in that text file, parse the data contained within it, and send the data out an SMS message or page to a mobile device.

The second function of the GetASCII module is that it provides a command line interface for other programs to use.

Again, if you're using a server monitoring system like Server's Alive or SolarWinds NPN or Orion, programs like these have the ability to issue a command in the event of an alert. When using the GetAscii command line function, these programs can pass messaging commands directly to PageGate, which will then read in the commands and send out an SMS message or page to a mobile device.

So, the first step is to run the program, so go to your start menu, go to programs, find the PageGate program group, and left click on the PageGate Admin.

Once in the Admin, click on the + next to the Interfaces section.

Click on the + next to GetAscii, then left click on Settings.

In the settings, you have three options: Enabled, Polling Directory, and Polling interval.

The Polling directory is the directory that you can specify that PageGate primarily looks in for ASCII files. This is also the directory that provides the command line interface.

To set the polling directory, if you don't already have one in mind, we'll need to create it.

In windows, go to Start and click on Run.

In the run line, type in the word explorer and click on OK.

Once in the Windows Explorer, left click on the + next to My Computer, then left click on your C: drive.

Once in the C: drive, go to File - New - Folder.

You can name the folder whatever you please but I'd recommend naming it something straightforward, like ASCII.

Once you've named the folder, go back into the PageGate admin.

In the polling directory, you can enter the path manually or click on the elapses button and browse to the folder to select it.

After entering the Polling Directory, put a check in Enabled and click on Apply.

When you do, the program will ask if you would like this interface enabled for all existing groups and recipients. Tell it yes.

The last field, polling interval, is the number of seconds PageGate waits before checking for new ASCII files and commands.

By default, PageGate checks for new data every 5 seconds. You can set this as low as every second but that's a little overkill for most installations.

This concludes the tutorial on how to configure the basic options for the GetASCII module in PageGate. For more tutorials, including how to configure the Advanced Options for the GetAscii module, please visit our website, www.notepage.net

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