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NotePager Pro SMTP Carrier Setup Video Tutorial

NotePager Pro SMTP Carrier Installation

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NotePager Pro SMTP Carrier Setup Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the tutorial on how to add an SMTP carrier in NotePager Pro.

The first step is to run the program, so find the icon on your desktop and double click on it.

When the program comes up, if you're using the trial version, you'll see this prompt.

If you would like to purchase the program, left click on Register, then left click on the Secure Online Ordering button.

If you have already purchased, please click on the Enter Registration Information and watch our NotePager Pro registration tutorial.

If you would like to continue to use the trial version, left click on the Continue button.

Once in the program, left click on the Carriers menu, then left click on Add.

In the Carrier field, enter the name of the carrier you're going to be sending the messages to.

Examples of carriers are PagePlus, American Messaging, Sprint, and AT&T.

Once you've entered the carrier's name, left click the dropdown arrow next to the Protocol, then select SMTP from the list.

When you do, the program will ask for the Local Domain.

The Local Domain identifies where your messages are coming from, not where they're going to.

The information entered into the Local Domain field MUST be a valid email address.

I recommend using the latter half of your email address.

For example, I'm going to use notepage.com since I want people to know that's where the messages have come from.

After entering the Local Domain, you'll notice we have two options: Deliver directly to destination Server and Deliver through local Email server.

To know which to use, we first need to determine if port 25 is open on your computer.

Here's how to do that:

The first step is to left click on your start menu, then select Run. In the Run line, type the word command and left click on ok.

After the command prompt comes up, you'll want to type in this specific sequence telnet mail.notepage.com 25 After you've entered that line, hit enter on your keyboard.

If port 25 is open, you'll receive this response: 220 qs1534.pair.com ESMTP Postfix

If port 25 is closed, you'll receive a notification that says "Unable to connect to the host on port 25"

Once you've finished with the command prompt, type the word QUIT in all capital letters and hit enter.

The connection will then close.

Hit the backspace key on your keyboard to return to the base command prompt, then type the word exit and hit enter to exit the command prompt.

Back in NotePager Pro, if port 25 is open, make sure the dot is next to Deliver Directly To Destination Server.

Then, verify that your primary and secondary DNS servers are entered into DNS 1 and 2.

If you're unsure as to what these are, please contact your network administrator or Internet Service Provider's Tech Support.

If port 25 is closed on your network, move the dot down to Deliver through Local Email server.

In the Relay Server field, you'll need to enter the address of your local mail server.

If you're unsure as to what this is, please contact your network administrator or Internet Service Provider's Tech Support .

After entering in your information, left click on Apply to add the carrier into the list and you'll receive this prompt notifying you that the carrier record has been added.

Left click on okay.

This concludes the tutorial for how to add an SMTP carrier into NotePager Pro.

For more tutorials, including how to add an SMTP recipient, please visit our website, www.notepage.net

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