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How to Upgrade to PageGate Version 8 Video Tutorial

How to Upgrade to PageGate Version 8

Please be patient while the video loads
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How to Upgrade to PageGate version 8 Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the tutorial on how to upgrade PageGate to version 8. These steps are valid for upgrading any previous version of PageGate to version 8.

Before you begin the upgrade process, the first step is to back up the current version’s database. To determine the location of the database, run the PageGate Admin, then go to Program – Settings. Once there, it will show you what your database directory is.

Close the Admin, then browse to that directory and you should see this file, pagegate.mdb – make a copy of this file for safe keeping.

Next, you’ll want to stop all PageGate processes. Stop the server, close the admin, monitor and client. I would also recommend starting the task manager in windows and ending the pgstray.exe process.

We want to make absolutely certain that no part of PageGate is running before you do the upgrade.

Now that we have a backup of the database and the previous version has been shut down, we’ll need to download the installation file for version 8. So, open a web browser and go to www.notepage.net

You should see the PageGate section in the very center of the page and you'll notice that we have three options: More Info, Download, and Buy Now.

Click on Download.

If prompted, save the file.

Now that we have the installation file downloaded, right click on the file and select "Run As Administrator".
When it asks which installation you wish to run, the only option you want to select is ‘Install PageGate Server’.
Click Next.

Select whether you want to view the read me or release notes, then click Next.

Please read the End User License Agreement, then select ‘I accept the agreement’ and click Next.

The installation directory should exactly match the previous version’s location. After verifying the path, click Next.

Click Next.

Select whether you want a desktop icon created, then click Next.

Click Install.

When the installation finishes, click Finish.
Now that we have version 8 installed, find the shortcut for the PageGate Admin, right click on it and select ‘Run As Administrator’.
If prompted by the UAC, please allow the process to continue.

When prompted, select that you would like the database to be upgraded.
After the database upgrade is complete, you’ll see this prompt. Click OK.

You’ll then be prompted for your version 8 Registration Key. Enter it, then click on Apply.

After updating your registration key, click OK, then Close. You’ll receive a notification that the database has been upgraded and that PageGate needs to be restarted. Click OK.

The final step is to start the PageGate service. To do so, open the Windows Service list.

Find the PageGate service, right click on it and select ‘Start’.

Click Finish to finalize the installation.PageGate. For more tutorials, including how to register PageGate, please visit our website, www.notepage.net

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