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How to Configure Email Interface for POP Mail Collection Video Tutorial

How to Configure the Email Interface for POP Mail Collection

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How to Configure the PageGate Email Interface for POP Mail Collection Transcript for Video:
Welcome to the video tutorial on how to configure PageGate to use POP mail collection with the GetMail module. In this tutorial, we’ll be going over how to tie a POP mailbox to a recipient or group in PageGate.

Before we begin, you’ll first need to install PageGate and configure recipients and groups within the program before you can configure POP mail collection. For more information on how to install PageGate and how to configure recipients and groups, have a look at the support section of our website,

After configuring your recipients and groups, here’s how to tie them to a POP mailbox.

The first step is to run the PageGate Admin.

Next, expand the Recipients or Groups section, then expand the recipient or group you want to tie the POP mailbox to and go to the Email sub-section.

Click on the POP Mail Collection button.

Click Add.

Enter the POP mailbox to check in the POP mailbox field. Different servers require different values; some want you to use the fully qualified email address, others just want you to use the specific mailbox name. Please verify this setting with your POP mail server administrator.

Enter the password to check the POP mailbox in the ‘POP Password’ field.

Enter the POP server address in the ‘POP Server’ field.

If you want PageGate to delete messages after they’ve been read in, check ‘remove collected mail from server’. If you just want PageGate to mark the messages as read without deleting them, leave this option unchecked.

When finished, click Apply.

Just to note, you can tie multiple POP mailboxes to a single recipient or group. Simply add a new entry for each mailbox to be collected from.

When finished, click Apply.

This concludes the video tutorial on how to configure POP mail collection in PageGate with the GetMail module.

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