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Tyler Technologies
Tyler Technologies CAD Dispatching Software Alerts First Responders

Solution Overview: Tyler Public Safety's Computer Aided Dispatch application integrates individual police officers, emergency personnel, dispatchers and call takers into synergistic teams. By combining command line and object-oriented functionality in the system, Tyler's dispatching software quickly weaves communications into a precise, streamlined flow of mission-critical information.

The Tyler Technologies CAD system effectively manages single- or multiple-agency dispatching. It features a wide range of universal features to help you work safer and more efficiently, including name and address history, automatic call logging, address verification, visual warning systems and more.

The CAD system is designed to perform for a variety of law enforcement organizations with single or multiple agency dispatching. CAD interfaces with Tyler Records Management Software (RMS), Tyler Mobile CAD, E911 systems, NCIC, Mapping, AVL, Fire Records, EMS systems, and more.


PageGate can be used as the bridge between Tyler Technologies CAD (computer aided dispatch systems) and can send text messages and emergency calls to mobile and cell phones.


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