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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with Tiburon CAD

Integrating Tiburon CAD with PageGate

Steps to Send Text and SMS Messages from Tiburon CAD

Follow these steps to use Tiburon Computer Aided Dispatch with PageGate

PageGate can be easily integrated with Tiburon CAD by using the GetAscii interface. This interface allows the CAD system to pass messages directly to PageGate for delivery. Here's what you'll need to do:

1) Create a directory for both PageGate and the CAD system to reference. This can be any directory of your choosing as GetAscii can read information from local and network directories. However, to keep things straightforward, we do recommending c:\PageGateData\Tiburon\ on the PageGate server.

2) Open PG Admin on the PageGate Server.

3) Go to Interfaces - GetAscii - Settings.

4) Set the 'Polling Directory' to the directory you created in step 1. By default, c:\PageGateData\Tiburon\

5) Check Enabled.

6) Click Apply.
6a) When prompted, you do want this enabled for all existing groups and recipients.

7) Go to Program - Settings.

8) In the 'Run on this Server' section, check GetAscii.

9) Click Apply.

10) If prompted for credentials, leave them blank and click Apply again.
10a) If GetAscii is referencing a UNC/network path, you MUST apply a service account with appropriate permissions to the GetAscii windows service.

That prepares PageGate to accept data from the CAD system. When configuring the CAD system, tell it to output to the directory you created in step 1.


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