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TextPipe Pro

Solution Overview: TextPipe Pro is a data extraction and text manipulation application that updates your web site, extracts data from databases, reformats and standardizes your electronic text and program source code, data mines unstructured text reports and your competitor's web sites, cleanses data in legacy databases, converts between a variety of mainframe and PC data formats - the possibilities are simply endless.

TextPipe Pro can trigger one or more PageGate messages to a mobile phone or pager in a number of situations:

- During parsing of files such as web site logs, security logs, database extracts, web pages, competitor price lists, mainframe report files etc
- At the start or end of a processing job (handy for extremely large files)
- At the start or end of each file in a processing job

Benefits: Via PageGate messages, TextPipe can alert web masters of potential threats to the integrity of their web server, warn sales staff of competitor's price changes, warn marketing staff of keywords appearing on a competitor's web site, warn database administrators of changes to their database and much more..

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