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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

How to Integrate TextPipe Pro with PageGate

Steps to Use TextPipe Pro with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages from TextPipe Pro

How to Integrate
TextPipe Pro can integrate with NotePage Inc.'s PageGate application to add the ability to send alerts to wireless messaging devices (pagers, mobile phones, pims, etc.).

Steps for integration:
1) Install TextPipe Pro according to it's documentation.
2) Install and setup PageGate as instructed in PageGate's help documents.
3) Setup and enable PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface.
4) In TextPipe Pro, open the example filter Integration\pagegate.fll
5) Edit the VBScript filter so that the folder specified by the line const getAsciiPolledDirectory = "c:\Program files\PageGate\Polled\" reflects the actual folder that will be used by PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface. Ensure that the users specified in TextPipe: 'who the message is from const fromUser = "TextPipe" 'who the message is to const toUser = "SysAdmin" are users correctly setup within PageGate.
6) Ensure that PageGate's Commandline/Ascii interface uses the folder you have just specified.
7) In TextPipe, click the Trial Run button. This processes the text in the Trial Run Input area, and causes the two lines with the word ERROR to be sent to the pager.
8) Use this example filter to develop your own filters.

PageGate Settings

GetAscii (Commandline/Ascii) Settings
PageGate's GetAscii (Commandline/Ascii) interface must be enabled for the integration of PageGate and WebWatchBot.

1. Run PageGate's Administration program (PG Admin)
2. Double-click on the 'Interfaces' object.
3. Double-click on the 'GetAscii' object.
4. Click on the 'Settings' object.
5. Type in a path for PageGate to use as a polling directory for this interface (or hit the '...' button to browse to an existing folder).
6. Check the 'Enabled' checkbox.
7. Click the 'Apply' button. Recipient/Group Settings

PageGate recipients and groups must have the Ascii service enabled in order to receive messages from WebWatchBot
1. Add a new or edit an existing PageGate recipient or group.
2. On the recipient's or group's settings screen, check the 'Ascii' checkbox in the 'Enabled Services' section.
3. Click the 'Apply' button. GUI Client Settings

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