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Integration with Statseeker

Integrating Statseeker with PageGate


Send Text and SMS Messages from Statseeker

Follow these steps to use Statseeker with PageGate

PageGate can be easily integrated with Statseeker Alerts by either having Statseeker run a custom script to pass alerts to PageGate's GetASCII API or by having it email a message in to PageGate's GetMail API. Of the two options, GetASCII is the preferable integration method due to the inherent stability of its processes.

First, we'll need to configure PageGate's GetASCII module so it can provide the command line executable to Statseeker.

1) In Windows on the PageGate Server, create a new directory for the integration. We recommend creating a sub-directory of your PageGateData directory called 'Statseeker'. By default, c:\PageGateData\Statseeker\

2) Open the PageGate Admin.

3) Go to Interfaces - GetAscii - Settings.

4) Set the Polling Directory to the directory you created in step 1. By default, c:\PageGateData\Statseeker\

5) Check Enabled.

6) Click Apply.
6a) If prompted, you do want to enable this for all existing groups and recipients.

Now that we've made the executable available to Statseeker, you'll need to use Statseeker's 'Custom Script' alert action , information available on Statseeker's website here:

You'll need to create a batch file (.bat) that Statseeker can reference to execute a messaging command to PageGate. This batch file should be accessible to the Statseeker server.

When creating/editing the batch file for Statseeker to execute, the command arguments need to be formatted as follows:
<GetASCII polling folder>\sendpage32.exe <recipient or group> <sender> <message>

For example, let's say you have the GetASCII polling directory set to c:\PageGateData\Statseeker\, that you have a group in PageGate called 'itdept' and that you wanted the alert to come from the sender Statseeker and the message should say 'This is a test', you would use the following command arguments:
c:\PageGateData\Statseeker\sendpage32.exe itdept Statseeker This is a test

Alternatively, you can implement email integration with PageGate's GetMail module.

To have Statseeker email alert notifications to PageGate, you'll first need to configure a sub-domain off of your main email domain and redirect the MX record of the sub-domain to the IP address of the PageGate computer. For example, let's say that our main domain is We could then have the mail server administrators for create the sub-domain and redirect the MX record for this sub-domain to the IP of the PageGate computer. Once this is accomplished, here's how to configure PageGate's GetMail module:

1) Open the PG Admin.

2) Go to Interfaces - GetMail - Settings.

3) Check Enabled.

4) Enter your sub-domain name in the "Local Domain" field.

5) Click Apply.
5a) If prompted, select Yes, you do want this to be enabled for all groups and recipients.

Once you do that, every recipient and group within PageGate becomes a valid email address on the new sub-domain. For example, if we had a group named Alerts, you could have Statseeker send an email to and GetMail would read the message in, then submit the message for delivery to all of the members of the Alerts group.

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