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Reseller News September 6, 2002

NotePage has some great new announcements for our resellers!


I am very pleased to announce the addition of Trusted Messenger, to the NotePage product line. Trusted Messenger is an instant messaging software solution that runs exclusively on a business's internal network, providing a secure solution that ensures confidential messages cannot be intercepted by outsiders. Trusted Messenger uses peer-to-peer technology to enable network users to communicate in a fast effective manner, without the delays associated with email or other Internet based solutions.

Trusted Messenger enables individuals to contact any of their colleagues through their user name or computer name, or even send a message to everyone in the office simultaneously with just a single click. When Trusted Messenger is first run, it automatically scans the network and lists all the available PCs, so users can immediately send messages without having to worry about complicated setup procedures.

BETA TESTING - NotePager Pro v3

Its official. NotePager Pro v3 is now in beta! The new version supports Internet delivery! Messages can be delivered to carriers via SNPP, WCTP and SMTP (email). All this in addition to the traditional modem delivery. Other features include GSM modem support, and up to 100 messages can be pre-defined, so "canned" messages can be sent with a single click!

Once NPP v3 is released, version upgrades will be available at no additional charge to users who have purchased NotePager Pro within 90 days of the release date. Version upgrades are available for $ 9.95 if you purchased more than 90 days from the official release date.


As we've expanded our messaging product line we've considered adding an email newsletter management software title to our line; because of some of the great existing products out their we've decided not to expand in this direction. One product that seems to standout is GroupMail, well worth a mention!


PageGate v4 has been released and has recieved rave reviews! If you haven't upgraded you'll want to. Upgrade orders can be placed through this special link. Be sure to have your existing 4 digit serial number.


If you are a carrier or reseller interested in earning revenue and providing a total solution without the expense involved in inventorying take a look at our innovative "special downloads" program.

As always if there is something you feel will assist you in promoting NotePage's software please drop us a note. We are always eager to assist our resellers.
Thank you
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