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Reseller News November 19, 2000

As a reseller of NotePage's software I wanted to inform you about NotePage's newest integration partners.

PageGate Integration - SL4NT is an application which implements a syslog daemon. It is implemented as a service and runs on Windows NT/2000. Its purpose is to listen for syslog messages, which are usually send by routers and other network devices, and then to decode and process the messages for logging and notification purposes. Two of the available action types ('Send-Email' and 'Run Program') can be used to integrate PageGate with SL4NT to provide for immediate notification. Additional information on the SL4NT integration can be found at

NotePager 32 Integration - NotePage and Trade Trakker have teemed up to provide an easy-to-use, yet powerful financial portfolio management application that will send alerts to pagers or digital phones if defined stock conditions or parameters occur. TradeTrakker is the ideal way for investors all over the world to keep track of their investment accounts and analyze their performance. This integration required coding changes in both NotePager 32 and Trade Trakker and the integration is currently in beta testing. Additional information on the beta can be found at

If you are currently integrating an application into any of NotePage's applications please contact us for details on how your company can become a NotePage integration partner and benefit from co-promotion opportunities. In the next few weeks Notepage will be wrapping up the final beta testing and documentation of PageGate. Beta reports have been very positive and the new built in SMTP/POP mail server has been very well received.

If you would like to have your company profile included in the NotePage reseller section on the NotePage website, please reply to this email with the following information:
Company Website:
Company Profile (3-5 lines describing your business):
Any Special Integration or Verticals you focus on:
Region or Location:

As always if there is something you feel will assist you in promoting NotePage's software please drop us a note. We are always eager to assist our resellers.
Thank you
Sharon Housley
NotePage, Inc.
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