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NotePage SMS and Text Messaging Background

Reseller News July 25, 2001

As a reseller of NotePage's software, I wanted to inform you about some of the great things that we've been doing.

NEW Database Converter - It has come to our attention that Silverlake Communications is no longer supporting their Air Source product line. In a continued effort to assist Silverlake customers, NotePage has developed a database converter. The converter will transfer paging carriers and paging recipients setup in existing AirSource software to NotePage's software.

Sneak Peak Integration - NotePage is currently working with a large number of integrators, it is our intent to bring you a number of new combined solutions in the next month. Be sure to check the Integration Partner Directory on a regular basis to learn about new solutions.

Special - NotePage is running a limited time special for resellers, for every 10 NotePager 32 *or* NotePager Pro CDs that are purchase at reseller pricing, you will recieve an 11th one FREE. Please call 781-829-0500 to place an order.

Sneak Peak -
Currently our developers are working on a SNPP delivery mechanism if you are interested in beta testing, or taking a sneak peak please contact us.

Industry Solutions - In an effort to assist resellers in marketing the NotePage product line, we've created a solution directory that details the more common uses of the different titles in specific industries.

Reseller Referrals - With the new site design these pages are seeing a fair amount of traffic, If you would like to have your company profile included in the NotePage reseller section o, please reply to this e-mail with the following information: Company Website:
Company Website:
Company Profile (3-5 lines describing your business):
Any Special Integration or Verticals you focus on:
Region or Location:
This will allow us to send you referrals !

As always if there is something you feel will assist you in promoting NotePage's software please drop us a note. We are always eager to assist our resellers.
Thank you
Sharon Housley
NotePage, Inc.
Leaders in Wireless Messaging Software
Phone 781-829-0500
Fax 781-829-0419



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