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Worlds Best Software CD (International)- NotePager 32
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Recent Press

July 2017 WAFB - "PageGate is an incredibly powerful serving the needs of a multi-location business or agency or a simple setup can handle the day to day messaging communications of a small office"

July 2017 News 12 Connecticut - "PageGate allows alerts to be sent instantly to any mobile device, in any location, at any time. PageGate is modular and scaleable. It can be incredibly powerful serving the needs of a multi-location business or agency or a simple setup can handle the day to day messaging communications of a small office"

July 2017 WLWC-TV "Mass notification is frequently used by communities, college campuses, school districts, medical facilities, industrial facilities, commercial institutions, law enforcement agencies and military bases. PageGate's robust throughput and scalability allows for these type facilities and agencies to scale their implementation to meet their community needs."

July 2017 IT Business "One of the most compelling new features in PageGate version 8 is a new Filter Pack option. The PageGate Filter Pack is used in conjunction with the Command Line ASCII Interface, enabling PageGate to pass all messages through a customizable filter. With the Filter Pack clients can modify and conditionally modify any part of the messaging data. The Filter Pack can reassign who a message is delivered to based on words or phrases. It can modify the body of the message. It can modify the subject line. It can insert pre-determined text and as well as a variety of other changes. "

July 2017 Benzinga “In today's "instantaneous" world, companies, schools and government agencies are challenged to manage and respond efficiently, and quickly to a variety of notifications, alerts, and alarms. PageGate focuses on improving and streamlining critical communications regardless of the business size and needs. The new version of PageGate has a number of new enhancements, which expand functionality and capabilities making PageGate a very powerful, efficient and yet affordable text messaging solution.”

June 2017 Mining Gazette “The scene was cleared around 2:42 p.m.,” Kurtti said. “I…would like to thank everyone for responding and helping out as many of us work out of town and had a lot of distance to cover. Without Page Gate, a new system used by MSP Station 80 in Negaunee that sends a text message to our phones, most of us would have been (too far) out of pager range to be notified.”

June 2017 Military Technologies "PageGate allows alerts to be sent instantly to any mobile device, in any location, at any time. PageGate is modular and scaleable. It can be incredibly powerful serving the needs of a multi-location business or agency or a simple setup can handle the day to day messaging communications of a small office."

May 2013 Advertiser Democrat "In addition, there is a newer notification system – PageGate. This is an automatic paging system. A dispatcher types a text message alerting fire or rescue personnel of an incident and the text is sent automatically to all the department member's cell phones. This backs up the radio tones to ensure that everyone knows they are being called to an incident be it a fire, medical emergency, crash, etcetera"

January 7, 2011 Petoskey News "In addition to the computer systems, Welsheimer said central dispatch, also has the capability to send out emergency information to firefighters through their pagers and cell phones. "(Central dispatch) has added a PageGate system where we get text messages to our cell phones as well ... so far we've had pretty good success with it -- our guys really like it," Welsheimer said. "A lot of times, we'll get a text over our cell phones before the page goes out."

April 2008 Kennebec Journal "PageGate has been used since January 2007 to alert emergency agencies and officials when there has been severe weather or flooding. Developed with a federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security, it will continue to be used, no matter how the FCC plan will be deployed through cellular providers across Maine."

August, 2007 Thomas.Net "Incorporating variety of messaging protocols, PageGate v5 sends messages to mobile phones, wireless devices, fax machines, and pagers. It supports group messaging and preprogrammed alerts, so that with press of single button, notification can be sent to defined group. To ensure delivery even in event of connectivity loss, PageGate supports failover options and redundant connectors."

July, 2007 TMCNet "According to the company, PageGate ensures that critical alerts are sent instantly to wireless devices regardless of the recipient's locations. The software enables group messaging and preprogrammed alerts."

July, 2007 BiosMagazine "PageGate is a complete wireless messaging solution that incorporates a wide variety of messaging protocols for sending messages to mobile phones, wireless devices, fax machines and pagers."

July, 2007 IrishDev "Page Gate supports multiple telecom carriers, multiple connectors, direct connections to paging terminals, group paging, scheduled messages, repeating messages, on-call groups, and ad hoc paging, making it ideal for demanding, high-end messaging and communication."

July, 2007 SymbianOne "Wireless messaging communication is important in todays fast paced environment. PageGate allows critical alerts to be sent instantly to wireless devices regardless of the recipient's locations."

July, 2007 ServerWatch "NotePage offers multiple products that enable the sending of SMS or text messages to pagers, cell phones, PIMs, etc."

July, 2005 Denver Post "When it comes to marketing a product, they want to talk tech talk. ... The language they use isn't something (everyday) people could understand."

June, 2004 Technology News "NotePager Pro text messaging software now integrates with Kiwi Syslog Daemon, a network management software offering from New Zealand's Kiwi Enterprises"

April 20, 2004 Telephony World "Kiwi Syslog Daemon monitors networks and NotePager Pro sends alerts to cell phones and pagars about system problems"

April 20, 2004 Press World "NotePager Pro Integrates with Kiwi Syslog Daemon."

June 29, 2003 Telephony World "NotePager Pro Nominated for the 2003 Shareware Industry Awards Best Business Application or Utility"

March, 2003 Law Technology News "NotePager Pro Product Announcement"

February 17, 2003 Chicago Sun Times - NotePager 32

February 14, 2003 London Morning News "NotePager Pro - Send Anywhere"

January 30, 2003 Wireless DevNet, "Send SMS Messages Anywhere, Anytime, to Anyone"

October, 2002 Windows & .NET Magazine, "Send Messages to Wireless Devices Through the Internet" page 25

August, 2002, Trusted Messenger an Instant Messenger You Can Trust

August, 2002 Lockergnome, Trusted Messenger

August 14, 2002 Internet, Trusted Messenger Runs on Internal Networks

July/August, 2002 Law Enforcement Technology, Messaging Solution page 58

July/August, 2002 Law Enforcement Product News, Text and SMS Messaging System page 70

June, 2002 Law Technology News, NotePage write up on page 5

April 30, 2002 Mobile Village, NotePage Launches Referral Program for Paging & Cellular Providers

April, 2002 WirelessNOW, NotePager Pro & Internet Services Monitor

December, 2001 Investors Business Daily, NotePage, Inc. article by Dave Noack

December, 2001 Inside Ventura County, NotePage and EmmaSoft

September 20, 2001 Microsoft News Stand, Trigger SMS Messages From Business And Data Events

September 2001 Software Business Magazine, NotePage, Inc. page 38 1st Annual Service and Technology Leaders in Product Development

September 2001 Realtor Magazine, NotePage, Inc.

August 2001 Sectors, Hagerstown User Group Publication, NotePager Pro Review page 10 "I have used several other pager programs in the past and have found none better than NotePager Pro. For its ease of set-up and use, the best I found is NotePager Pro."

August 2001 Microsoft News Stand, NotePager Pro

August 2001 Realty Times, Site of the Week NotePage, Inc.

July 2001 New Equipment Digest , NotePage, Inc.

June 4, 2001 RCR Wireless News, NotePager Pro page 64

June 2001, GUI Programming News, NotePager Pro

April 2001, 911 Magazine, NotePager Net

April 2001, New Equipment Digest, WebGate

April 2001, PC Pro (UK). page 49 website launch

March, 2001 LawTechnology News WebGate 3.6 page 3

March 11, 2001 Microsoft Windows Platform News, WebGate

February 19, 2001 RCR Wireless News, NotePage page 69

February 11, 2001 WUGNET / MSN Shareware Hall of Fame, WebGate

January 4, 2001 Tucows KickOff, WebGate

November 2000 issue of Office Solutions, NotePager Net

November 8, 2000 Geeks on the Radio - Interview about NotePager 32 WAGE Leesburg, VA USA

November 2000 issue of Laptop Magazine

October 2000 Issue of Software Business Magazine, "SIC 2000 - Shareware Industry Conference Highlights" page 60

September issue of GUI PROGRAM NEWS

August 21, 2000 Boston Globe - PageGate

August 11, 2000 Software Blast! Daily Blast - "NotePager 32"

August 6, 2000 Mass High Tech - "NotePage, Inc. A Hanover Software Company" page 53

August 3, 2000 Jesse Bersts Anchor Desk "Killer Downloads"

August 3, 2000 ZDNet Software Library "Killer Downloads" by Preston Gralla"

August 3, 2000 ZDNet Launch Pad - NotePager Net "5 stars before now even better"

August, 2000 PCS Magazine -

July 31, 2000 Mass High Tech, NotePage has a SIAF Awards write-up

July 31, 2000 Quality Shareware - PageGate pick of the week

July 25, 2000 CNET | DOWNLOAD DISPATCH (PC Edition) Vol. 5, No. 30 I'd like to congratulate the winners and invite all of our readers to check out this top-notch software collection.

July 18, 2000 MSN Best of the Best - "Download the Best of the Best Shareware Industry Awards"

July 15, 2000 Shareware Industry Awards - Best Vertical Market Application chosen by reviewers and those in the software industry.

July 15, 2000 People's Choice Awards - Best Vertical Market Application chosen be users at the three largest download sites on the Internet ZD, CNet, and Tucows -

June, 2000 Wireless Week - Sharing Has Sweet Rewards for NotePage by Deborah Mendez-Wilson

June, 2000 Windows 2000 Magazine - "Paging Software" page 39

March 1, 2000 PageGate Kickoff on Tucows

March 7, 2000 WOW-COM World of Wireless Communications - "PageGate Makes Wireless Messaging and Paging Easy"

January 9, 2000 Hispanic Business Journal - "Website offers and centralizes Software Discounts for Non-Profits and Academic Organizations" by Angel M. Galindo (

December 27, 1999 Digital Mass special to, "A brief history of shareware" by Hiawatha Bray

November 4, 1999 ZD Anchor Desk - "Exclusive: Snag a Paging Powerhouse" by Jon C.A. DeKeles

November 1999 Law & Technology Review

November 1999 - ZDNet LaunchPad - PageGate

October 1999 Windows NT Explorer Magazine - NotePager -

January 1999 WOAI - Radio Interview Signal - "Paging Software Enables Multiple Message Sources"

1999 Signal - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

March of 1998 PC Today - "PageGate" by Erik Sherman

February of 1998 SoundBytes - "Get the Message When & Where You Need It"

December 1997 RCR - PageGate What's New

November 27, 1997 RCR - "Messaging Companies Try to Market Service to Deaf Community" by Antony Bruno

October 27, 1997 New Product News - "PageGate Network Paging Application"

October 10, 1997 NCNS - "PageGate Enables a Variety of Paging Options Including Paging From E-Mail and Paging From Websites"



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