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Patient Focus Systems

Solution Overview: Patient Focus Systems is a healthcare software development company, specializing in transport logistics, performance and bed management software for hospitals and multiple health care facilities around the U.S. and Canada.

Patient Transport System

PTS manages not only the transport staff, but also the logistics of the transport service, internally and externally for the hospital or medical center. The primary mission of any transport service is to facilitate getting patients, equipment, &/or supplies to their appropriate destination and appointments, on-time. PTS facilitates consistent achievement of that mission by utilizing industrial engineered standards that are customized for each client, but by also automating most of the staff assignment functions. Service standards can be established and monitored, and issues that may cause delays in the transport process are tracked and reported on for continued quality improvement in the department's performance. Therefore, a higher quality of patient care and customer service can be achieved and maintained.

Access Bed Control

ABC provides multi-service department integration for the very important function of a hospital's bed management. The hub of the product is an automated bed board that provides real-time status of every bed in the hospital. ABC is designed for today's demanding and resource constrained hospital environment. ABC puts relevant information in the hands of the admitting, environmental services, nursing, patient transportation, pharmacy, and dietary departments, resulting in improved service quality and lower operational costs. The accelerated bed turnaround translates directly into increased revenues for the hospital. With the integration of the PTS system, discharges and bed transfers automatically trigger the bed cleaning processes in ABC.

Benefits: Both PTS and ABC generate assignment information to the appropriate staff, as well as customized paging information via a text message. PageGate has the ability to retrieve these messages and send them to the hospitals' paging service for distribution, via the hospital's option of using a modem, a direct serial port connection, or wireless communication processes in an expedient manner, increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

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