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PageGate Install on Windows 7

Instructions to install PageGate on Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 specific instructions

To install PageGate on a Windows 7 platform, this is what you'll need to do:

1) Go to our website,

2) In the center of the page, left click on the Download option under the PageGate section.

3) Save the pgsetup.exe file to your desktop.

4) After the installation file has finished downloading, right click on the file and select the "Run As Administrator" option.

5) After the extraction process, when presented with the four installation options, the ONLY one you want to do is the "Install PageGate Server" option.

6) When the PageGate Server installation begins, click next.

7) Click Next on the second step.

8) When it prompts you for the Installation directory, click on browse.

9) Change the installation directory to c:\PageGate\

10) Left click on OK.

11) Left click on next.

12) Left click on Next.

13) Left click on Finish.

14) After the installation finishes, find the PageGate program group in your start menu.

15) Since this is the first time we're running the PageGate Admin, you MUST right click on the shortcut and select the "Run As Administrator" option.

When prompted for the Program Defaults, we want: Program Directory: C:\PageGate\ Database Directory: C:\PageGateData\Database\ Archive Directory: C:\PageGateData\Archive\ Logs Directory: C:\PageGateData\Logs\

Left click on Apply and it should tell you that a new database has been created, and that PageGate must be restarted. Left click on OK.

Open the PageGate Admnin normally and you should now be able to configure the program.

In order to have PageGate run as a Windows Service on a Windows 7 platform, you have to authorize the program in the UAC.

Here's how to do this:

After you have PageGate configured, go to your Start Menu and find the PageGate program group.

2) Right click on the PageGate Server shortcut and left click on Run as Administrator.

Allow and Authorize each prompt by Windows 7.

4) After the server has run, you'll see an icon of a pager in the system try (next to the clock in Windows).

5) Open the PageGate Admin.

6) Go to Program - Settings.

7) In the "Run PageGate as" section, select Windows Service.

8) Left click on Apply.

9) When prompted for credentials, leave them blank and click on Apply again.

10) After the "Switching Run Styles" dialog has gone away, left click on the icon of the pager in your system tray and left click on Start.


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