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PageGate Platinum - Robust SMS Messaging Gateway Software PageGate Platinum

guaranteed support response times

PageGate Platinum is a robust version of PageGate that includes all of the available interfaces as well as support enhancements. If PageGate is a critical part of your corporate infrastructure this option may be for you.

PageGate Platinum Includes:

PageGate 30000 Recipient License
Web (CGI) Interface
GUI Interface
Email Interface
Command Line/ASCII Interface
Serial Interface
TAP-in Interface
Touchtone Receiver
SNPP Server Module
TAP2ASCII Interface
Filter Pack
TAP over TCP/IP Server
SQL Server Module
10 Additional Connectors / Dialers

Lifetime Version Upgrades - PageGate Priority Support
Specialized Virtual Training Seminars for Staff

Specialized Remote Installation Assistance
PageGate Platinum customers can have NotePage support engineers remotely log in to your system and seamlessly assist you through the installation and setup process.

Specialized Virtual Training Seminar(s)
No need to worry about training staff on PageGate, we will do that for you. NotePage will setup virtual training seminars you can invite your staff to attend, the seminar(s) can address specific issues or simply the basics. The training is personalized and customized for each PageGate Platinum customer.

Shape the Future
Does your organization have special needs? PageGate Platinum customers can help shape the future of PageGate by providing suggestions to our development team for future releases.

Annual Software Assessment
Once per year, confer with NotePage staff to determine how PageGate's use can be expanded to better meet the needs of your organization. PageGate Platinum's Annual software assessment will insure you are getting the most out of your installation.

NotePager Pro Access
As a PageGate Platinum customer you can extend your messaging with complimentary copies of NotePager Pro for remote staff and remote locations

PageGate Platinum customers receive a 10% discount on all of NotePage's other products and product lines

Priority Support
PageGate Platinum customer's automatically receive lifetime Priority Support. Time is money, so with priority support we guarantee you priority access to skilled technicians knowledgeable about PageGate software.

Priority Support has the following additional Benefits:

Free version upgrades - during the priority support subscription period all version upgrades will be made available free of charge.

Guaranteed response time - If you call between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 EST on a workday and no technician is available we guarantee a technician will call back within 2 hours. (please note: This does not guarantee that your problem will be resolved within 2 hours, it does however guarantee that you sill speak to a qualified technician within a maximum of 2 hours.) Phone calls received outside normal business hours (9:00-5:00 EST) will be returned within the first two hours of the next business day.

Priority response - Phone calls from customers who have upgraded to priority support, will receive priority handling.The call will be moved to the beginning of the queue, and handled before non-priority support calls.

Notification of point releases - Priority support customers will be given notification of point releases.

Access to beta copies - Priority subscribers will have advance access to beta copies of future PageGate versions. This will allow you to plan ahead, provide feedback in the development process, and possibly even help determine new features to be included.

Priority access to senior engineers - Priority access to senior engineers for any escalated issues.

Call backs - No more waiting on hold! If a technician is not immediately available when you call, the next available technician will call you back.

PageGate Platinum is $9,995.00

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