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SMS and Text Messaging Software Background

Integration with OpenMarket

Steps to Use OpenMarket with PageGate

Send Text and SMS Messages to/from OpenMarket

OpenMarket provides a messaging platform that supports sending SMS using long codes, short codes and virtual mobile numbers. PageGate can easily send messages through OpenMarket's API by having PageGate pass GET/POST requests to it.

Note: Before configuring PageGate to send SMS through the OpenMarket API, you will need to register and configure an account with OpenMarket, Inc. Part of this configuration will grant you access to their Cusomter Integration Environment, which is what's referenced below.

Here's what you'll want to do to have PageGate send a POST statement to OpenMarket:

1) Open the PageGate Admin.

2) Right click Carriers, left click Add.

3) Name the carrier: OpenMarket

4) Set the protocol to: HTTPPOST

5) Set the host to:

6) Set the Port to: 443
Note: You'll need to type the value in the field.

7) Set the Max Chars value to: 160

8) Click Apply.

9) Go to Carriers - OpenMarket - Advanced.

10) Enter your accound ID and password in the 'Username' and 'Password' fields.

11) Click Apply.

12) Go to Carriers - OpenMarket - Template.

10) In the 'Text' section, enter the following:
"destination": {
"address": "%Pin",
"source": {
"address": "The short code, Alphanumeric string, Virtual Mobile Number your messages should come from"
"message": {
"content": "%Message%",
"type": "text",

11) Click Apply.

There are many different configuration options available with OpenMarket's API and this is just an example of the most basic implementation. For example, it's also possible to enable two-way messaging with OpenMarket's API! For more information, have a look at OpenMarket's API documentation:

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