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NotePager Pro FAQ NotePager Pro FAQ

General Support Questions

Can I use Trade Trakker with NotePager Pro?

NotePager Pro does not support integration with Trade Trakker.

Will NotePager Pro work with a Cable / DSL modem?

Yes. NotePager Pro now supports several Protocols for sending messages to pagers / cellular telephones over the Internet. These Protocols are SMTP, SNPP and WCTP. A list of Carriers that support these protocols and the required settings, can be found at:

Does NotePager Pro support Two-Way messaging?

Currently, NotePager Pro only supports sending messages. Two-Way messaging is an option that is being explored for a future release.

Can NotePager Pro send text messages to a cellular /mobile phone?

Most Cellular / Mobile Phones can accept text messages. The specific service availability, protocols and ID/PIN formats vary between Carriers.

Can NotePager Pro send pictures and attachments to a cellular /mobile phone?

NotePager Pro does not support sending pictures and attachments.

What is a "Carrier"?

A Carrier is a Cellular / Mobile / Paging service provider.

Does my carrier support using a particular protocol?

Lists of Carriers, organized by the protocols supported (along with required settings), can be found at:

Technical Support

I entered my registration key, but I receive an "Invalid Registration Key" message.

This is caused by entering the registration information and key number incorrectly. Registration information is case, punctuation, and spelling sensitive. Please check all of the information as entered, for errors.

Which Initialization String should I use? There is no easy answer to that question. Many different modem manufacturers use their own set of init strings. Init strings may even be different between models by the same manufacturer. Some common initialization strings are already programmed in NotePager Pro. If you have a less well-known brand modem, you may need to use the documentation with your modem to create an init string.
How fast will my messages be delivered to my Recipients? There is no definitive answer to this question. Delivery times can vary due to connection speeds, protocols being used, the number of recipients the message is sent to and the Carrier(s) network.
Why are some of my messages are being cut off (truncated)? Check the 'Max Chars.' value for Recipients that are receiving truncated messages. Characters in messages that exceed this value will be truncated. 'From' names and 'Subject' lines ARE considered part of the message and should be taken into account.
Which Operating Systems does NotePager Pro work on? NotePager Pro will work on Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000 and XP.
NotePager 32/ NotePager Pro cannot detect my modem. This usually occurs when either the modem or COM port is in use by other software. To manually test whether your modem / COM port is in use, do the following:
" 1.) Start Hyperterminal (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Hyperterminal) Give this session a name (like 'test')
2.) The next screen will as for a phone number to dial. Skip down to the third field that is labeled 'Connect Using', and choose 'COM1' or 'COM2' depending on which port your modem is connected to.
3.) Set the Baud to 1200, Parity to Even, Data bits to 7, Stop bits to 1 (flow control doesn't matter).
4.) You should get a blank terminal screen. Type AT (the is the Enter key on your keyboard>. You may or may not see the AT as you type it, it doesn't matter.
5.) You should get a reply back from the modem 'OK'. 6.) Type ATDT You should hear a dial tone (make sure the modem's speaker is turned up).

Fax software is one of the leading causes of NotePager Pro having difficulty communicating with COM ports/modems

NotePager Pro cannot dial my modem.

Check which COM port NotePager Pro is trying to use to communicate with your modem and which one your modem is actually connected to. To check your modem's port settings from Windows Control Panel (Windows 9x, NT and ME):
1.) Select 'Start' - 'Settings' - 'Control Panel' - 'Modem'
2.) On the 'General" tab, select the 'Properties' button.
3.) The COM port that your modem is using is listed in a field named 'Port:'

To check your modem's port settings from Windows Control Panel (Windows 2000 and XP):
1.) Select 'Start' - 'Settings' - 'Control Panel' - 'Modem' 'Phone and Modem Options'.
2.) The 'Modems" tab will list the modem type and COM port it is attached to.

To check modem settings in NotePager Pro: Open NotePager Pro and select 'Tools' - 'Settings' - 'Modem' from the menu. On the Modem Setup screen there is a setting for 'Modem Port'. This should match the COM port that your modem is using.

Spell Check is not working. There are three likely reasons this is happening. The most common reason is that Spell Check needs to be enabled in NotePager Pro.

1.) Open NotePager Pro,
2.) Select 'Tools' - 'Settings' - 'General' from the menu.
3.) Select the 'Enable Spell Check' option.

The remaining two common reasons are usually either Microsoft Word (97, 2000, XP) is not installed, or Spell Checking has not installed as an option in Microsoft Word
I receive a "Bad ID/Pin or the message is too long" error message in my connection Manager / Dialer Log. This is usually due to having entered an incorrect ID/PIN for a Recipient. ID/Pin numbers are usually the 7 or 10 digit telephone assigned to the device by the Carrier. A good rule of thumb is that if you are using a Toll Free number or one of the Internet delivery protocols, use the 10-digit telephone number.
My modem does not hang up. You may need to select another initialization string in your carrier settings.
My carrier supports the SNPP protocol but I cannot connect to the SNPP host. This issue is usually caused by either having the incorrect host address entered in the Carrier's settings or by having some form of firewall between your computer and the Internet. Please verify that the Carrier's SNPP host address is correct. If so, you should consult either your firewall documentation or network administrator for assistance in configuring the correct firewall / network settings.

System Requirements  
  Memory 32 Mb of Free Memory
  Hard Drive 50 Mb of Free Space
  Connectivity Modem, Cellular Modem or an Internet Connection
 Operating System Windows XP (sp3), 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 8, 8.1, 2012 and newer versions Microsoft Windows operating system



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