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How to Integrate Novar Controls with PageGate

Integrating Novar with PageGate


Send Text and SMS Messages from Novar Controls

Advanced Polling with Novar Control Software

These are the Advanced Polling options you may want to use with Novar Control Software. The end result will be that from the following example message, PageGate will:

1.) Look for the Recipient in the first line between "SYSTEM " and "EP", use the Lookup Table, then substitute "3001" with the name of a PageGate Recipient.

2.) PageGate will use the entire text of the file as the message.

You should increase the "Max Characters" setting for each Recipient, because the message below exceeds the default (240) setting.

Message text will be truncated, because the example message below is around 290 characters long without any text following the "Assign Code:", "Notes:" or "Instructions:" lines.

****** EXAMPLE MESSAGE ******

EP #1 - Critical Monitor Alarm #3
System :3001 - "Test Panel "
Name :"AHU-1 MA Temp"
Location :Module 0, Point 3 Setpoint :Below 34.75 Degf
Occurred :9/30/03 08:29
Received :9/30/03 08:29
Assign Code :
Notes :


Settings for 'GetAscii' - 'Advanced Polling' -

'Files' -
Recipient = * (asterisk)
From = *
Files = *.tmp (asterisk period file extension)
Path = Polling Directory Path (where files ar being written)
File Type = Custom

'Record' -
Start Pattern = SYSTEM (all caps)
Start Offset = 0 (zero)
End Pattern = ~ (tilde)
End Offset = 0 (zero)

'Recipient' -
Dynamic Recipient = checked (true)
Start Pattern = SYSTEM (all caps)
Start Offset = 7 End Pattern = EP (all caps)
End Offset = -3 (negative three)
Use Lookup Table = checked (true)

'Edit Table'
Data In = 3001
Data Out = Recipient (which ever PageGate recipient that you want "3001" alarms to go to. Must match existing PageGate Recipient in database)

Static Sender = checked (true)
Sender = Novar Control (can be anything)

Dynamic Message = checked (true)
Start Pattern = SYSTEM (all caps)
Start Offset = 0 End Pattern = ~ (tilde)
End Offset = 0 (negative three)
Use Lookup Table = unchecked (false)

It is possible to eliminate unused lines (in the example message "Assign Code:", "Notes:" and "Instructions:" had no additional information). This will help eliminate unnecessary characters from messages.

The "Message" Lookup Table would contain these entries:

Data In = *Instructions:\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *Notes :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *Assign Code :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *Received :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *Occurred :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *Setpoint :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *Location :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *Name :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

Data In = *System :\013\010*
Data Out = \013\010"

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