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Newsletter September 5, 2001 - Newsletter

NotePage, Inc. - Leaders in Wireless Messaging Software  

NotePage News 9/05/01
Welcome to NotePage News. Thank you for your continued support of NotePage, Inc.

NEW Database Converter
It has come to our attention that Silverlake Communications is no longer supporting their Air Source product line. In a continued effort to assist Silverlake customers, NotePage has developed a database converter. The converter will transfer paging carriers and paging recipients setup in existing AirSource software to NotePage's software.

PageGate 4.0 Beta Testing

Our developers are working on a number of different projects. Beta testing will begin with the next week for PageGate 4.0. The latest versions biggest enhancements will include:

SNPP Delivery - A number of carriers are now supporting transmission of messages through the Internet using Simple Network Paging Protocol or SNPP
UCP Support - This protocol is frequently used in Scandinavian countries and occasionally by SMS providers.

The standard version upgrade pricing will apply. Version upgrades are available at no additional charge to users who have purchased PageGate within 90 days of the version release. Version upgrades are available for $ 50.00 if your version was purchased more than 90 days from the release date.

If you are interested in being involved in the PageGate beta team, suggesting enhancements and testing please email with PageGate beta as the subject line.

Sneak Peak - Darn! and NotePager Pro 3.0
NotePage, Inc. has been working with Emmasoft to bring users an exciting new integration. NotePager Pro and Darn Don't Forget! Darn Don't Forget! is a friendly reminder program, by using the two programs together, birthday reminders and medication alerts can easily be sent to pagers or cell phones. This integration required coding changes and will require beta testing. Complimentary copies of the programs will be made available to active beta testers. If you are interested in being involved in beta testing please email with Darn NotePager as the subject line.

OSSI Integration
OSSI specializes in integrated public safety systems. The OSSI and the PageGate interface is designed to automatically send alphanumeric pages to responding Fire, Law or EMS units. By using OSSI in conjunction with PageGate another level of notification is added, in the event of emergencies. The page activation process is done all from within the OSSI CAD package and does not require that the user toggle between different software applications.
Additional information

Alchemy Eye
When network errors occur, Alchemy Eye can alert the network administrator by e-mail, cell phone or pager BEFORE disaster strikes. If a server does go down, Alchemy Eye automatically notifies the network administrator and writes a detailed log file. Alchemy Eye monitors and easily informs users of system problems. By using PageGate in combination with Alchemy Eye alerts, can be sent to pagers and cellular phones, adding another level of notification to network management.
Additional information

Industry Solutions
In an effort to assist customers in understanding the NotePage product line, we've created a solution directory that details the more common uses of the different titles in specific industries.

Thank you for your continued interest in NotePage, Inc.
Sharon Housley
NotePage, Inc.
Leaders in Wireless Messaging Software


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